Monday, September 14, 2015

Pumpkin Patch!

We are loving all things Fall around here!  It isn't totally Fall weather, but it is after Labor Day which is enough for me to embrace Fall!  

Bradley isn't quite walking, but very mobile and "cruising", so we are always on the hunt for new experiences and activities for him.  We were so glad Sever's Corn Maze opened this weekend, because the front of the maze is a big pumpkin patch that is perfect to explore!  We went last year when Bradley was a newborn, too (post here)! 

It is definitely not "baby proofed" (like these spiky fences or sharp pumpkin stems) but this also isn't a daycare where you drop your kids off and leave.  :)  Bradley loved standing holding onto the hay bales they have all over and playing with the hay!


He loved crawling through the pumpkins.

Posing. :)

We also had to check out our new coffee shop in downtown Shakopee!  So excited Munkabeans is open!!  I feel like they should be handing out coupons at Severs like, BOGO coffee or something to spread the word!  My marketing mind always going wild.  Ha!  

My dream is to open a seasonal Christmas store (open Sept-Jan) in downtown Shakopee and would love to be right by the coffee shop! For myself and for customers!  :)

We are hoping to go back to the maze and actually pay to do all the activities, but Bradley loved exploring the patch part so much!  What other free/fun activities do you do with your toddler?  I am always looking for ideas!

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