Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Bradley's First Birthday Breakfast Party!

Since Bradley turned one, we had to throw a little party!  We had such a great time!

We chose breakfast theme because Bradley likes to wear pajamas as clothes (or maybe we do that to him), and who doesn't like breakfast food?  We also know summer weekends are hard to get people together, so at least in the AM everyone still has their full day!

I know some people get stressed or feel pressure with parties, but I THRIVE hosting showers, get togethers, parties, etc!  I absolutely adore the details, decorating, figuring out meals (and bonus when my mom handles it! Ha!), and creating an event.  One of my friends told me after my wedding that I might be a lousy partier (homebody to the extreme) I am great at throwing them! :)  I don't necessarily think I am all that great, but it is definitely a big hobby of mine.  So I was all over this.  First up was invites!  I thought they turned out so cute!  

I'm a big nerd but when I receive invites or cards to address, I have to address them right away.  Type A probz!

So many donuts!  We really didn't spend much at all on his party decor.  I printed tons of these little donuts and was cutting them for weeks.  And documented this well on Instagram. :)

It was so crazy putting together his month photos!  This year flew by!

The donuts went on his DIY high chair banner (other pieces are from the Target dollar spot),

fireplace garland,

and basically anywhere I saw a blank spot. :)

Pajamas were optional, but I definitely wore them!  My mom got me these cute donut pants for an early Christmas gift!  The slippers are from one of my favorite Clear lake boutiques (Weathered Elements).

Of course the nail art was on point, too! :)

My friend Michelle made these awesome donut cookies!  We tried to send everyone home with a couple as the party favor.  Check out the Very Hungry Caterpillar cookies on her website!  So adorable!

Bradley's birthday chair displayed his pancake pillow nicely. :)

We used donut wrapping paper for his smash cake backdrop.  Too fun!

My mom and I made his "healthy" smash cake the night before - recipe was mostly bananas and apple sauce.  The frosting was greek yogurt and cream cheese and we tasted it and decided we needed to sugar it up!  You only turn one once! :)

On the menu was lot of kid friendly options.  And some of the decor was leftover from one of my showers thrown by my friends last year!  

I didn't take any pics but we had all the hot food on the bar (french toast sticks, oatmeal, egg bakes, cheesy hash browns, etc).  

The donuts!  They went so fast!  Note to self - order double the amount of donuts you think you need for a party. :)  Especially if they are insanely tasty like these!

Had to bring down Bradley's donut toy as decor. :)

Tyler was eyeing the donuts. :)

Donut worry, we gave him some. 

The birthday boy!  

It was so fun seeing lots of kiddos (and some adults) in their jammies!

My mom rocked her cow slippers. :)

Matching donut girls!

Nate didn't wear jammies.

I tried to set up a "selfie station" but it didn't work out so well.  Apparently you need a much bigger backdrop.  Ha!

I printed pictures of breakfast food for the coloring table. :)

All of my garage sale-ing and swap site shopping paid off - the kids had lots to play on inside and outside!

We borrowed our neighbor's bounce house which the kids loved, too!

It was so nice to catch up with so many great friends and family!

Once Bradley got his nap he was also happy to see everyone. :)

Smash cake time!

Too much sugar!

We spent the rest of the weekend relaxing.  Wish all of our family lived closer. :(

Cousin advice. :)

Happy 1st Birthday to Bradley!

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  1. Everything turned out so cute!! Thanks for linking our invites!! Looks like Bradley had a fabulous day with lots of friends and family!