Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Summer Fun!

I haven't posted a "Recent Pictures" in a while, so here are some randoms from this summer!  Many have been posted on Instagram already (I'm obsessed). 

My absolute favorite Pyrex dishes!

Always lots of dress wearing for me and funny faces for Bradley. :)

Could this be more true?

Sleeping sweetheart!

My favorite sweatshirt and favorite treat.

I love seeing what outfits Nate picks out for Bradley. :)

Bradley and his friends looking adorable!

Lobster mac and cheese is one of the most delicious meals!

The oldest and youngest in our family!

Loving the shade and fresh air!

One of my favorite dresses (Target, duh) gets worn so many different ways.

Bradley and his favorite teacher on sports day!

Picture day at daycare!

I wanted to match the little fashionista. :)

One of the pics!  So freaking cute!

Bradley and his Uncle Jonathan Bradley looking like twins. :)

This was amazing!  We had tacos at home. :)

I had a minor crisis when my beloved Iced Coffee packets disappeared from stores!  Turns out Starbucks redid their packaging.  It was a sad few weeks without it! 

My favorite time of the year for this tree!!  It doesn't last long!

I treasure these moments!

Snuggly little girl.

This had been on my to-do list for a long time and finally did it!  

How the SIL and I feel about Jets Pizza...the love is insane and deep.

One of the last swim lessons!

Posted about my former sadness over ponytail bumps on the 'gram.

Delicious dinner (and work lunch leftovers - seen here) alert!!  Check out my friend Michelle's recipe for Bulgogi Beef.  Nate and I eat them as tacos (the fluffy ones are our favorite!) with kimchee and broccoli slaw.  Sooo tasty!

Sprinkles tested out Bradley's DIY ball pit!

The two of us spend a lot of time at Target!

I'm constantly trying new shampoos and conditioners and did like this pairing a lot!

Work Bachelorette bracket making!  I didn't win, but didn't come in last!  (Ahem, Elizabeth!)

My favorite new socks!!

Relaxing with my little man!

Bradley and Grandma napping.  So sweet.

My cousin made this glamping chandelier!  Genius!!  

Bradley's and my lake outfits of the day. :)

I have been garage saleing like crazy!  Bradley likes all of his new toys. :)

Three cheers for Baby Bradley!

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