Monday, August 17, 2015

Summer Fun Part 2

More summer fun!

We hung string lights under our porch for some ambiance!

Fun day eating Mexican food and going to the Running of the Bulldogs!  And we love these disposable placemats!

First bulldog kiss. :)  And it was from the grand champion!

I almost always get unsweetened black iced teas when I get Starbucks (which really isn't all that often) but when I have a free drink I go big with the Iced Caramel Macchiatos!  The funny part is I usually take a few sips and wish I had my iced tea. :)

Morning outfit selfies!

Sweet little nugget of a man. :)

Maybe why I don't camp? :)

Tsum tsums are so fun. :)

Bradley loooooves selfies!

I have been feeling in a makeup rut.  Probably because I have no time to think about it and throw on makeup while pumping in the morning?  :/

So many good swap and shop finds!  This cute little kitchen was one of the first.

Realized my nails matched his piano. :)

I posted on Instagram how good I have been at using reusable bags!  The one problem - I haven't had enough plastic bags to use for our garbage at home! 

Some of my 4th of July decor. 

Another used find!  You can never have too many cars.

I eat so many of these.  Fudge Chocolate is my favorite.  I also save the containers and have an entire cabinet full of them (use to bring food to work - salsa, fruit, dessert...).  Drives Nate crazy. :)

Full and sassy. ;)

Still one of our favorite baby gifts - this amazing basket made by my Aunt Peggy!

Gorgeous wedding of some of our gorgeous friends!

Sleeping on Papa while we were at the wedding. 

We love the zoo!

The little girls love that Bradley eats table food. So much people food for them!  Eek!


Elsa visited Bradley's daycare! :)

Absolutely our favorite sippy cup - ThinkBaby.  Thanks Julie for the rec!!

One of the last few times in his jumperoo!  Sucker has outgrown it!

We were so excited for the donut crawl and it was pretty terrible.  Pouring rain, over sold and zero crowd control.  Bummed that I will never be able to get Nate to do that again!

But afterwards we went to see Jurassic Park in 3D while Bradley hung out at the zoo with his favorite teacher!

This cracked me up!!

For some reason when I pack for a trip anywhere, it looks like I am going to Disney. :)

Love these Baggu reusable bags!

Such a funny little guy. :)

Chimi always tucks herself in when she naps. :)

I cleaned our family room one day so I had to document it.  Ha!


More used toys!  And more cars!

In love with this purple!!

We fully embrace and celebrate Christmas in July!

Sometimes we take little excursions on my day off - like going to Nachos in Hopkins.  Sooooo tasty!!

Chimi is such a good little road tripper.

My favorite house at the lake!  Love love love!

Any toy that Bradley has that aren't used are most likely from Papa. :)

Papa always has good new treasures for Bradley at the lake!

Out to eat!

Bradley hates the life jacket so much.  :/

Luckily this time he fell asleep pretty fast.

Relieved to be out of his life jacket!

Love this pic of my Dad at the lake that my mom sent. 

Found this gem in the Target dollar spot to keep some of our Disney soaps for guests!

More Christmas jammies in July.

Crazy little man turned 10 months in June!

I think this is Bradley's favorite of my garage sale finds!

Smoothie stealer!

Love this summer outfit!

I try and walk Bradley and the girls every night to get him sleepy.  The girls usually end up riding along, too. :)

More morning outfit selfies.  Let the Wookie win!

We love our bedtime story time as a family!

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