Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Flamingo Summer Wreath

If you follow me on Instagram, you already saw my excitement over my newest wreath - my flamingo summer wreath!

I have been struggling for a while with what to do for our front porch post 4th of July.  I really have almost every time of year covered except for this little time period after Independence Day and before Fall (evidence here).  I had been saving a few ideas on Pinterest (below) with flamingos, and once my neighbor surprised me with one in my yard, I knew he had a purpose - a wreath!

I came home to this amazing little guy waiting for me!  Thanks April! :)

See a full DIY on how I make wreaths here.  I always start by collecting any ribbon and deco mesh from my stash that I may possibly want to use.

Then I start up on the "poufs"! :)

These colors make my heart happy!!

As I get further with the wreath I lay out next ideas before doing anything.  Sometimes you just don't know what will work until you are ready for the next step!  This ribbon was perfection, but I wasn't sure how to work it in.

So I laid out Mr Flamingo.  I felt like the ribbon worked in would be too busy.  How cute is my little helper, Sprinkles?

Once I got the flamingo in, he looked a little plain, so I made him a bow tie out of the ribbon.  Problem solved!

Then I decided he needed a glitter eye (duh).

This is how I feel about flamingos right now. :)

Tada!  This wreath was so simple and easy, but makes a big impact because of the bright colors!

Perfect for this stretch of summer!  Are you flamingo obsessed, too?

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Monday, July 20, 2015

8 Ways to Wear the Same Dress

A few months ago I discovered Sonnet James dresses by their adorable marketing on Instagram.  I instantly could tell this was a brand I was interested in and needed to know more.  They advertise these as mom play dresses because they work super well with a bump or no bump, and are wash and go, but you don't have to be a mom to wear them!! :)  Most of their styles work with breastfeeding, which is imperative for me!  Oh - and they are made in the USA which is an insane rarity that must be supported!  You might remember me posting this on my Instagram page about the discovery and my excitement.  

I ended up ordering the Stella dress right away, and when it arrived and I was in love, I contacted them to see if they ever work with tiny bloggers like myself.  :)  I mean, I could create cute pics like this, right?  I have lots of fun accessories, the giraffe, and a baby!  Ha!  Turns out they do, and they gave me a credit to use towards a dress so I could do this post!  So nice!!  With that credit, I ordered the Pink/Orange Remi dress in a Large, but it is too big on me at the moment.  Rats!  Should have done a medium.  And they are AMAZING with their customer service and returns but the medium is out of stock AND I already took the tags off.  And I really try and not be an ass, particularly when receiving free items!  But, I am hoping that when I am done breastfeeding my weight will go back to normal and it will be my size!  Otherwise it will be cute to wear next time I am pregs.  If that happens, I will do another post with a bump!

So here I go with my version, photographed by Nate in Bradley's nursery!  If I had unlimited funds I would dress so cute.  Ha!  But since I don't, I use every trick in the book to pretend like I do and attempt to be cute.  My coworkers are probably so sick of my outfits because I pretty much recycle the same pieces (hello jean jacket three days a week!) and just try and accessorize or style them slightly different each time.  That is what is great about dresses - you really don't need that many comfy/cute dresses because they can be styled in so many ways!  Here are some ways I style this Sonnet James dress, inspired by their cute and creative marketing (including the giraffe). :)  And let's keep in  mind I am NOT a model, but willing to put myself out there to inspire others!

Look #1 - Put Together Mom!  Chew beads, flips, and Bradley's Skip Hop backpack.  Token mom outfit!  I feel like I want to use his bag as a purse...somebody stop me.

Look #2 - Brunchin' Mom!  Whimsical button down, colorful sandals, giant bag filled with life's necessities.  I would wear this bright of an outfit all the time, but I feel like for most it would be more of a springy Sunday morning outfit. :)

My little assistant!  We would set him in his crib for the 3 seconds we would take for each "look" and he would cheer me on. :)  Best assistant ever.

Look #3 - Mom at the Park!  Hunter boots and floppy hat.  The Hunter boots because I am deathly afraid of ticks and the hat for sun protection!  (and to cover day five of unwashed hair?  Ha!)

Look #4 - Put Together Mama!  Statement necklace, striped flats, and MZ Wallace diaper bag.  I can't really think of anywhere I wouldn't wear this?  Oh and I would for sure wear the closed toe shoes for grocery shopping.  I have massacred my pinky toe TWICE on the sketchy Walmart carts.  Not ok.  And maybe another reason I need to just stick with Target!

Look #5 - Working Mom!  Jean jacket, chunky necklace and wedges.  I work in a casual office so knit dresses and jean jackets are acceptable.  Which is a good thing because I think that is all I wear.  

There really is no part of me that is preppy, but for some reason I like popping collars.  

Look #6 - Mom at Work!  Nate called this "Hippie Mom".  Bahaha!  Chew beads (again - can you tell I like those things), Birks, head wrap, and baby! :)  Moms are always working - whether you are a SAHM or work outside the home.  This look is the definition of "play dress" style.  

Look #7 - Mom on the Town!  Scarf, sparkle flats and MZ Wallace purse.  This is how I wore it to the best restaurant in the world with the bestie's fam, Benihana.  This would also be cute for drinks with fellow moms!  (If I drank).

In action.

Look #8 - Mom at Play!  For the pool!  Sunnies, bag o' tricks, sandals.  My kind of day!

The possibilities are endless!  Moral of the story - I love this dress!  Are you a repeat offender and have other tips?  Reminder to check out Sonnet James!

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Friday, July 17, 2015

4th of July!

We had a great 4th of July!  We did have a pretty major hiccup - the day before we were supposed to go to the lake, I got a call over lunch (while I was getting patriotic nails done) from daycare that Bradley had a temp.  We took him to the pediatrician to make sure we could still go out of town, and his temp was in the 103s!  Poor little buddy!  We postponed our trip for a day so he could rest as much as possible.

Then we made it to the lake!!  Picture overload warning!  Bradley was excited to see his Uncle that he was named after, Jonathan Bradley!  They were twins at the lake. :)

My dad got all of us flag sunglasses!

We spent lots of quality time at the fair!

Tyler loved this cookie.

Blakey is great at helping Grandma cook.

Our little lake baby!

Cousins in matching jammies!

I posted that photo on Instagram and Hanna Andersson shared. :)

Bradley was still pretty sick most of the weekend which means we didn't sleep very well. :(  This picture was probably around 3AM one of the nights.

And I saw this on Instagram over one of the nights he wasn't sleeping well.  Too perfect. :)

Sprinkles also didn't sleep well - evidenced by her bed-beard.

We had lots of lake fun, though!  Uncle Natey loves Blakey.

I tested out my swan for about 5 minutes. :)

I'm not sure if Bradley's belly or Nate's face is better here. :)

Nate was making fun of how much I pack.  I can't help it!!  I just throw clothes in garbage bags and bring along.  You never know what you might want!

Then my grandparents and Aunt Kate came up for the day!

Papa loves cheese balls just like me!

Blakey loves his great Papa.

We stayed back since Bradley hates his life jacket.  Love our little man!

Then we attempted some family pics!  Bradley with his great grand parents!

Our fam of three!

My cute parents!

It is definitely hard to catch nine people looking good at once.  This is probably the best pic?  Haha

Or maybe this?  Blake doesn't need to see, right? :)

Grand parents and grand kiddos!

Papa always has new toys for the boys!  They all had fun bikes - Bradley needs a little more practice.

Grilling away!

More attempts at cousin pics - this one was also a struggle. :)  First Bradley wanted to pull hair.

Trying again.

Ready to give up...

But Blakey looked great the whole time! :)

My dad took this of us trying to get them to look. :)

On 4th of July, we were dressed and ready!

We all headed back to the carnival for the parade!

The parade got a little long so we went and took some pics. :)

4th of July baby!

I posted this picture on Instagram and DisneyBaby shared it! :)

Back on the boat!

This kid was feeling the patriotism.

Of course, we had to go back to the carnival one last time!

My dad got us the world's most amazing cheese curds!!

Ranch cheese curds are life changing.

More cousin jammies!  We didn't try that hard to get a good pic this time. :)

Chimi was exhausted on the way home.

When we got back, Bradley wanted to spin around in his patriotic cozy coupe!

Hope everyone had a great 4th!

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