Monday, June 1, 2015

Recent Pictures

Recent happenings through the eyes of my phone camera.

Playing with a tsum tsum!

Sweet little man waiting for me at Reveal!

New favorite - Billion Dollar Brows!  Can purchase from Kelly at Reveal, too!

Applebee's brisket nachos are my new favorite thing!

This made me laugh waaaaaay too hard!

Wearing his cousin's sweatpants tux!  And playing with his favorite toy - the lotion bottle. :)

Staying in jammies and iced coffee make me happy!

Speaking of iced coffee...I wasn't able to find my addiction - the Starbucks Via Iced Coffee (regular, not caramel) forever!!  Turns out they redid their packaging so I have been able to find.  Phew!

Chimi helping me work.

Bring your favorite book to daycare day!  Bradley brought Bizzy Bear of course!  He loooooves books!

New favorite jeans.  They basically have a maternity waistband (but aren't maternity) which makes my life complete.  I have both washes and am obsessed!

Denim shirts always on repeat.

I mostly wore non-maternity clothes when pregs so it is funny to see how they look now!  

Still pumping away - currently at 5 times a day pumping and 2-3 nursing (unless I am home, then only nursing and 1 time pumping).  I HATE pumping but will be so sad to be done nursing.  My goal is one year and then we will see!

Swimming lessons with Daddy!

Ready for the breaststroke. 

Gray mani love!  It doesn't photograph as well but one of my new favorites.

Posing at daycare.

Sweet daycare love!

And we know it is true love because they fight, too! :)

My favorite jammies!!  So cute and comfy!

Bradley loved pajama day at daycare!  He even brought his favorite book!

And ate it, too!

He loves his teacher Ali so much!

Sweet Chimi turned 5!  I posted on Instagram how Nate proposed with her!

I have to have 2-3 baths a week for my sanity!  Bliss!

We like to call Bradley "Safari Sir" when he wears this outfit. :)

Typical car feeding.

Current dinner obsession - we brown ground turkey or ground beef, cut up onions and cook in, add a can of enchilada sauce, and top with tons of cheese!  Then we put on tostadas with avocado, sour cream, whatever toppings we are feeling.  So yummy!

We have had SO much fun taking music classes on my day off!  We can't wait for our next session to start!  Locals, you must go to Kindermusik!

My work gave me a bike!  I feel like it fits my personality well.  That is, if I rode bikes.  Ha!

Nate tested it out. :)

Sprinkles pre haircut...

...and after!

Such a pretty little girl.

8 months old!!

We are ready for summer!

I made May Day baskets for work!  I am the "fun committee". :)

Fun with friends!

More denim shirts.  And Bradley being adorable as always.

How I do lunch when Bradley falls asleep in the car.

Two of my favorites - Brussels and babies!

Chimi is making sure Sprinkles knows this is HER bed. :)

A good reminder.

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  1. Love the May Day baskets! Did your coworkers know what they were? When I lived in Missouri no one knew.

    That bike is so cute. I am contemplating getting a second bike to keep in CL so that we don't have to haul my good bike back and forth!

    1. Haha they did! It must be a Midwestern thing??

      That is a good idea!! Hauling things back and forth gets old FAST!