Sunday, June 14, 2015

Hello Kitty Fest!

Two weekends ago all of my 7th grade dreams came true.  Well, except awkwardly slow dancing with my 7th grade crush.  So most of my 7th grade dreams came true.  I attended Hello Kitty Fest!!

Of course, I already had a shirt ready to go!  Lindsey gave me this as a present for being in her wedding. :)  She introduced me to all things Keroppi and is the reason I was so obsessed.

Bradley and I went with our friends Nicole and Cora!  Cora had the best Hello Kitty leggings on!

I got Bradley a Keroppi - let's see if he can become as obsessed as I was!

The entire space was basically little vignettes or sets that had activities and good places to take pics!  Bradley liked checking them all out!

Most pictures he was looking around like, "where the F am I?" 

I think he was so in awe of Keroppi that he forgot to smile in this set. :)

I think Cora was also in awe! :)

I mean you can even get sushi made out of SPAM here!

They had stage shows about every ten minutes, too.  They thought of it all!

My favorite was Hello Kitty's house.  So adorable!

Such a random but fun event! :)

Please tell me Lindsey and I weren't the only weirdos that loved these guys in our retched junior high years? :)

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