Saturday, June 6, 2015

Baby Bradley's Bathroom

One of the perks of having a baby is you get to decorate undecorated rooms! :)  The two that we needed to do when I was pregnant were his nursery and also his bathroom.  The nursery obviously was top priority (see that here).  We got his bathroom painted and the shower curtain in, and that is really all we did!  We recently added a couple pieces and are considering it done!

This is how it looked for the last year.

And here it is now!  Funny how the stuff accumulates when you have a baby (and the piles get messier).

Since it isn't a huge bathroom, we wanted to keep it simple and just have bold pieces for a bigger impact.  The shower curtain is from Pottery Barn Kids and was our first purchase.  I have had this silver rack since college and it always comes in handy in some sort of a room.  Now it works for the bathroom!

I found the anchor at Hobby Lobby when they had a wood decor sale.  Love it in here!

We picked up the whale recently when Target had it on sale!

Other angle - not cute but oh well!

We are going to call it done!

Splish splash!  Bradley likes his bathroom. :)

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