Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Patriotic Cozy Coupe!

The 4th of July is a BIG deal in our family.  Our entire family always goes to the lake for the 4th, and we are never short on patriotic apparel.  I got him packed this weekend and he is clearly no exception. :)

Since we are all about showing our patriotism, and I have been DYING to pimp a cozy coupe for Bradley, I figured this would be the perfect theme!  First I drew out my idea (and yes, I was terrible in art class but still loved it!).

I am addicted to finding Bradley toys on the Facebook garage sale sites, and also have a neighbor that is an incredible garage saler.  I texted her that I wanted a cozy coupe with eyes, and within a day she found me one for $20!  Then, I remembered I had another one of the patriotic hats like on our wreath!  So perfect since this coupe has a face. :)

Nate got to work power washing the coupe.  Sniper shot!

Next, he took it apart and painted the top and foot board.  We used the Krylon plastic paint from Walmart.

While he did that, Bradley and I had a photo shoot in the convertible part of the car. :)

Vroom vroom!

He is a defensive driver.

Sidebar - our peonies looked so good!  For like two days!  Ha!

Once it was dry and put back together, Bradley had to test it out! 

It will look so cute with the hat!

I wasn't sure how to go about getting the stars on the car, so I asked my amazing friend (and neighbor) Nicole for some advice.  She not only had great advice, she did it for me!  I ordered some adhesive vinyl, and she used her die-cut machine to make the cutest stars and Mickey flag for the side of the car!  Of course our car needed a Disney touch!  On a work lunch break I met her at our house and we stickered away!


Tried to get the matching wreath in the background.  That is above my photographic skills apparently.

Isn't she a beaut?

After work, Bradley was VERY serious about testing it out.  He never cracked a smile but was driving it around like crazy!  Haha!

I'm so excited about Bradley's first pimped out cozy coupe!  We still need to figure out how to get the hat on the car, so more to come on that.  But at least he is ready for the 4th!  Shout out to Nate and my friend Nicole for doing all the work!  That is my kind of DIY! :)

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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Hello Kitty Fest!

Two weekends ago all of my 7th grade dreams came true.  Well, except awkwardly slow dancing with my 7th grade crush.  So most of my 7th grade dreams came true.  I attended Hello Kitty Fest!!

Of course, I already had a shirt ready to go!  Lindsey gave me this as a present for being in her wedding. :)  She introduced me to all things Keroppi and is the reason I was so obsessed.

Bradley and I went with our friends Nicole and Cora!  Cora had the best Hello Kitty leggings on!

I got Bradley a Keroppi - let's see if he can become as obsessed as I was!

The entire space was basically little vignettes or sets that had activities and good places to take pics!  Bradley liked checking them all out!

Most pictures he was looking around like, "where the F am I?" 

I think he was so in awe of Keroppi that he forgot to smile in this set. :)

I think Cora was also in awe! :)

I mean you can even get sushi made out of SPAM here!

They had stage shows about every ten minutes, too.  They thought of it all!

My favorite was Hello Kitty's house.  So adorable!

Such a random but fun event! :)

Please tell me Lindsey and I weren't the only weirdos that loved these guys in our retched junior high years? :)

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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Being A Tourist In Our Own Town

We have been busy with Baby Bradley these past few weeks!  I love finding fun new things to do with him locally, and we have great zoos and aquariums super close!  You might have already seen on Instagram, but we visited the Minnesota Zoo and Sealife Aquarium and got year passes to both because we love them so much!  The Como Zoo is also nearby and is free, so that is on our to-do list!

First up was the Minnesota Zoo!  Bradley was so funny watching all the animals with Grandma.

We always love watching the bears.  And I think the bears love watching the people!

These flamingos have no idea how on trend they are!

The Discovery Bay is always a hit!

Then a few weeks later we went to Sealife Aquarium!  It's such a neat place and so weird that it is in the Mall of America!

Bradley loved watching the stingrays swim by.

So many pretty colors!

I try not to imagine these tanks springing a leak and being trapped in here...yeesh!

It is fun knowing we have a pass here now, so if we are ever running some errands at the mall we can pop in for a tour!

Bradley was not as excited about taking this picture as I was!

It is so fun being a tourist in your own town!  Locals, where else do we need to hit up?

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