Friday, April 10, 2015

Recent Pictures

Recent happenings through the eyes of my phone camera.

Panera has a drive thru?!  Life = complete!

Old yet cute pic of Bradley getting ready for St Patty's! :)

Bradley loves his Aunt Jina

Chimi thinks Bradley's lounger is a great dog bed.

And Sprinks does, too!

Breakfast at Red Cow - so amazing!!

Sprinkles helping me pick out some clothes for Bradley.

The start of my Tsum Tsum addiction.

Playing with a (fake) pepper at daycare!

We got our carpets cleaned!  It was 'bout damn time!

Funny little man.

Love snuggles so much.

Enjoying a few nice days!

Lots of sippy cup practice.

Somebody would. Not. Go. To. Sleep.

More sippy cup practice!

Delicious sushi with girlfriends!

Matching on St Patty's Day!

We started swim lessons!

LOVE Bradley's new "cheese" smile!!

He wore the wrong colors!

Tall girl probz - cute dress but too short. :(

My cousin and her hubs came to town!  We had such a fun weekend!

Dad's turn at swim lessons!

I still wear the Liz Lange maternity tanks - and probably will for life!!

Somebody is sick of winter!

7 months old!

Smiling for mom.

Nate loves putting on Bradley's "hat". :)

On National Puppy Day I had to Instagram some of Sprinkles puppy pics - she was the cutest puppy!!

Sprinks looking hilarious balancing on the bump nest. :)

First time in the shopping cart!!  A little unstable but at least we know it works. :)

Bitch stole my look!  I cracked up when I opened US Weekly to see Gwen Stefani wore basically the same Mickey outfit a week after I did!!  


The little girls love their brother. 

New toys from Papa!

Hanging with my parent's dog Bear.

When you are hungry in the car and your mom made you chocolate mousse, you use whatever utensils are handy! :)

What it looks like when made - the amazing berries in a cloud dessert!!

Playing with the toys from Papa!

The girls let us know when we keep them up too late.

Constant nail struggle - and why I can't be trusted with gel nails!

My poor baby was sick AGAIN!  So over it. :(

Snuggling with Dad.

Helping me with my wreath project. :)

Like most of my crafts I started it...but haven't finished!

Had to take my poor sick boy to Target because we were out of infant Tylenol.  #parentfail

My sexy mom outfit. :)

Loving Spring nails!!

Standard Target feeding. :)

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