Monday, April 6, 2015

Bradley's First Easter!

Easter weekend was a success!

Bradley and I have both pretty much been sick this last month, so we took it pretty easy.  Friday night was bath night - this little man loves to splash! :)

My mom came up for the weekend and we got our nails done.  Woo!

She also grew my tsum tsum collection!

It was so fun watching Bradley with his Easter basket Sunday morning! 

So much to discover!

Bradley enjoyed eating his basket,

throwing lampchop, 

eating books,

and wearing them on our head,

playing with his tsum tsums, 

and hanging with Grandma!

Then he got all dressed up for church!

So much to see at church!

After church he had fun playing with his toys and we both took a nap.  Great day!

We hope everyone had an amazing Easter weekend!

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  1. i love your grey dress you wore for church! where did you find it?! thank you!

    1. Thank you! It is from Nordstrom (brand is Leith). :)