Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Recent Pictures

Recent happenings through the eyes of my phone camera.

Dressed like dad!

I'm obsessed with cute toys for Baby Bradley. :)

Sophie love.

Bradley wore this on a Monday to daycare for two reasons: the obvious reason is because we loved watching The Bachelor on Mondays, and also because he is the only boy out of 9 at daycare! :)

The little girls always like to be near Bradley. :)

Just like dad - eating bananas! Bradley's was a teether. :)

We were both wearing pastels! 

Looking like a little nugget baby at daycare with his girlfriend!  So cute!!

Chimi's usual spot.

This is Bradley's "I am so over winter" face.

My glitterific cell phone background. :)

Celebrating a coworkers birthday!  Loved the "treats". :)

The cleanest my home desk has looked in a long time!

I have had ZERO energy so my friend Jina was helping me get on a workout plan.  She uses Nike Training App, and the break girl is my favorite. :)

When I look at Bradley my heart hurts!  Love him so much!!

This is usually a sign Sprinkles is ready for bed.

Best lunch ever!  Steak and blue cheese salad from Panera, Starbucks unsweetened iced tea, and treats!!

Apparently Chimi wanted my attention.

Then she got over it. :)

Funny little man loves his baths!

Queen of the nursery.

Sprinkles found a comfier spot.

We have started food!  Loving oatmeal!

He likes it more than he is showing it here. :)

I always end up in a similar outfit as Bradley and SWEAR I don't mean to!

We have been eyeing new fixtures for above our kitchen many options!

Trying on his first Viking's hat!

Snuggling never gets old!

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  1. Not sure if I've asked this or not (blaming pregnancy brain!) but how do you like the whale bath? Is it still working now that Bradley is older? Trying to decide what to get... I've heard to avoid buying a plastic baby bath in general and then someone told me to just buy an inflatable baby bath with a newborn insert. I don't know what to get!

    1. I actually wrote about it a few posts back!! For some reason it worked really well for us. The newborn ledge was perfect to prop Bradley up (still would hold one hand on him) compared to other tubs. Now that he is bigger and sits up, we are going to start using that Munchkin mat that makes the tub not slippery, and just have a few inches of water. We are still using the whale without the insert, it is just super slippery so one of us holds him up and the other washes him. But it is so inexpensive, and I bet you could find one on Craigslist or something, too!!