Monday, March 9, 2015

Disney World!

We just got back from the most magical place on earth - Disney World!  My amazing parents took all of us (our family of three, my brother, SIL and two nephews) for a winter getaway!  Since they are in Des Moines, we are Minneapolis, and brother's family is in Chicago, we treasure these trips!  Here are a few way too many pictures from our vacation! :)

I had a lot to figure out/plan for Bradley's first big trip!  And of course my nails had to be ready for Disney - the little girls loved them! 

Packing for myself and a baby took some time.  Luckily I have been stocking up on cute Disney wear from our local baby thrift store. :)

This little guy helped me pack.

He didn't like it very long. :)

We had our Magic Bands all ready to go!

This isn't terrible for two adults and an infant, right?

Bradley made it through security like a champ!  The TSA agents were so nice and helpful with us newbies.

Before getting on the plane we tried to wear the little man out.  We weren't sure how he would do with three hours of chilling in a car seat!

It's kind of nice boarding early when you have a baby!

Then he slept most of the flight!  He just woke up for a little to play with some toys and get some breakfast. :)

About the same time, our adorable nephews were at their airport about to leave!!

We made it to Orlando!  We stayed at Art of Animation, and absolutely loved it!  The entire hotel is themed and amazing. 

We stayed in the "Cars" suites since our nephews love the movie.  

The suites had TWO bathrooms, a bedroom, family room and room with table that unfolds to a bed.  So nice!

My parents made it shortly after us!  Bradley was so happy to see Papa!

The cafeteria was really nice to have - the create your own pasta was delish.

And the $5 cookies are also delish. :)

Happy hour fun!

Once the rest of the fam arrived the boys were pumped to go to Downtown Disney for the night!

And lots of car crawling. :)

Disney treats are everywhere and so tempting!

I had to try a Mickey macaroon.

Friday was our Magic Kingdom day!  I had the perfect shirt all ready. :)

Sometimes I take my themed dressing a little too far...

Bradley was ready in his cute Mickey outfit, too!

Here we go!

Magic Kingdom has the greatest welcome show!  It reminds me of my magical years dancing at Betty Hill. :)  

After the welcome show, our first stop was Starbucks at the Main Street Bakery.  Duh.

Is there a greater feeling than getting inside Magic Kingdom?  Nope! :)

Spotted some twins.

Tyler's first ride was Dumbo!

Spotted some stroller meat in Fantasyland.

We had Aloha Isle on our itinerary to make sure we could try the Dole Whips!  I have been dreaming about these things, this is how excited I was!  I think I would have liked them a little more if it was on a hot day, but it was still tasty and at least I have now experienced Dole Whip. :)

We all had fun on the Buzz Lightyear ride!

Bradley had lots of good Grandma quality time.  It was so nice of my mom to hang out with him so Nate and I could go on lots of rides!  

The little man loves Disney World! 

The SIL set up a character lunch at Crystal Palace which was so much fun!  The food was buffet style, and they had the characters perfectly spaced out so there was often one at our table.  Such a perfect lunch!

Everyone jokes that my dad is like Eeyore. :)

Bradley liked him!

And let's discuss my mom - who knew she was such a character freak?  She was like a kid on Christmas meeting these dudes!

Then we were back to the rides!  Peter Pan's flight - fastest ride ever (maybe 30 seconds long? Ha!)

Tyler on the carousel!

We didn't have fast passes for It's A Small World so we waited about 45 minutes.  Worth it. :)

Nate kept getting coffees because it was a little chilly.

We love how the Memory Maker program adds fun touches to the pics!

Love these pics of Bradley in front of the castle!

Memory Maker also gives you all of your ride pics - the Seven Dwarfs ride might be some of my favorite pics of the trip.  First off is my dad and brother and Nate (and me hiding).

This is me who really does hate roller coasters, and Nate who can't get enough.

Classic shot of Shannon and Tyler!  Poor thing!

This is my mom who says she hates roller coasters - I call her bluff!

After that we needed some MK food.  Pot roast Mac and Cheese from Friar's changing!

My dad has this whole Grandpa thing down!

Nate ran into one of his buddies!  It really is a small world!

Tyler loves swinging between Papa and Grandma.

With the SIL!

It makes me so happy how Blakey loves characters!!  Anyone that says, "I want to wait until my kids are old enough to appreciate Disney" are lying to themselves - they appreciate it at every age!!

Magic Kingdom was a success!

After our full day at Magic Kingdom, we ordered pizza to the room and hung out.

Cousin Blakey keeping Bradley company during tummy time.

We got these jammies for the three cousins to wear together.  We tried setting them all up for a pic but the other cousins had better things to do. :)  Luckily Bradley can't get away from us yet so we just took some pics of him.

I will post Part 2 of our trip soon!   Wishing we were going back right now!

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  1. Looks like you all had managing time. I so love disney,

    X x

  2. So glad you shared your trip because if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have know there was a Cars suite! My son loves that movie!!! I already told my husband when we take him, we MUST stay in that room! :)

  3. Looks like an awesome trip! Can't wait to take E when we move back to the US!!

  4. Where did you get all the adorable disney shirts for yourself?

    1. All over! The two tanks are from Etsy! Is there a specific one you are curious about?