Sunday, March 29, 2015

Bradley's Easter Basket!

Growing up my mom always made Easter so special and fun for my brother and me!  We had intense scavenger hunts with clues that guided us to our Easter baskets.  She would also sew us matching Easter suits (like perfect '90s power suits), and since Easter always falls around my birthday I somehow accumulated a massive collection of Easter bunnies.  I guess my mom screwed up one Easter for me - the Easter that I didn't feel well and complained to her but she made me go to church anyway.  Then she found out I wasn't joking and had mono - evidence below.  Ha!

Since Bradley is obviously not eating candy, I wasn't totally sure what I wanted to do for his basket.  I was never a huge candy kid anyways, and my mom always had fun little finds for us so I wanted to do the same for Bradley!

When I was at Walmart (busted) in February they had a ton of Easter stuff set up super early.  It seems like the really cute holiday stuff gets picked over pretty fast so I grabbed a couple things - the basket, some Easter books, a lamb stuffed animal, etc.  

After Disney I became super obsessed with Tsum Tsums (really all things Disney...) and had purchased a couple for my desk at work.  How cute are Minnie and the Fairy Godmother?

So of course, Bradley needed some, too!  We got the Mickey, Dumbo and Eeyore Tsum Tsums for his basket.  Something tells me these could end up on my desk, though...

His basket is ready for Easter!

Bradley has also been dressing for the holiday.  Check out this bunny tail!

And I have put out a few Easter touches here and there.

Neither Nate nor I grew up visiting the Easter bunny, so we didn't feel compelled to get Bradley out to meet him this year.  Maybe in a few years when he can enjoy it.

Do you put together Easter baskets?  What ideas do you have for a baby's Easter basket?

Hoppy Easter! :)

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  1. Where did you get those adorable pants with the bunny tail?!

  2. I also have an Easter-ish birthday, and ha a large collection of bunnies growing up, too