Sunday, March 29, 2015

Bradley's Easter Basket!

Growing up my mom always made Easter so special and fun for my brother and me!  We had intense scavenger hunts with clues that guided us to our Easter baskets.  She would also sew us matching Easter suits (like perfect '90s power suits), and since Easter always falls around my birthday I somehow accumulated a massive collection of Easter bunnies.  I guess my mom screwed up one Easter for me - the Easter that I didn't feel well and complained to her but she made me go to church anyway.  Then she found out I wasn't joking and had mono - evidence below.  Ha!

Since Bradley is obviously not eating candy, I wasn't totally sure what I wanted to do for his basket.  I was never a huge candy kid anyways, and my mom always had fun little finds for us so I wanted to do the same for Bradley!

When I was at Walmart (busted) in February they had a ton of Easter stuff set up super early.  It seems like the really cute holiday stuff gets picked over pretty fast so I grabbed a couple things - the basket, some Easter books, a lamb stuffed animal, etc.  

After Disney I became super obsessed with Tsum Tsums (really all things Disney...) and had purchased a couple for my desk at work.  How cute are Minnie and the Fairy Godmother?

So of course, Bradley needed some, too!  We got the Mickey, Dumbo and Eeyore Tsum Tsums for his basket.  Something tells me these could end up on my desk, though...

His basket is ready for Easter!

Bradley has also been dressing for the holiday.  Check out this bunny tail!

And I have put out a few Easter touches here and there.

Neither Nate nor I grew up visiting the Easter bunny, so we didn't feel compelled to get Bradley out to meet him this year.  Maybe in a few years when he can enjoy it.

Do you put together Easter baskets?  What ideas do you have for a baby's Easter basket?

Hoppy Easter! :)

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Recent Pictures

Recent happenings through the eyes of my phone camera.

Dressed like dad!

I'm obsessed with cute toys for Baby Bradley. :)

Sophie love.

Bradley wore this on a Monday to daycare for two reasons: the obvious reason is because we loved watching The Bachelor on Mondays, and also because he is the only boy out of 9 at daycare! :)

The little girls always like to be near Bradley. :)

Just like dad - eating bananas! Bradley's was a teether. :)

We were both wearing pastels! 

Looking like a little nugget baby at daycare with his girlfriend!  So cute!!

Chimi's usual spot.

This is Bradley's "I am so over winter" face.

My glitterific cell phone background. :)

Celebrating a coworkers birthday!  Loved the "treats". :)

The cleanest my home desk has looked in a long time!

I have had ZERO energy so my friend Jina was helping me get on a workout plan.  She uses Nike Training App, and the break girl is my favorite. :)

When I look at Bradley my heart hurts!  Love him so much!!

This is usually a sign Sprinkles is ready for bed.

Best lunch ever!  Steak and blue cheese salad from Panera, Starbucks unsweetened iced tea, and treats!!

Apparently Chimi wanted my attention.

Then she got over it. :)

Funny little man loves his baths!

Queen of the nursery.

Sprinkles found a comfier spot.

We have started food!  Loving oatmeal!

He likes it more than he is showing it here. :)

I always end up in a similar outfit as Bradley and SWEAR I don't mean to!

We have been eyeing new fixtures for above our kitchen many options!

Trying on his first Viking's hat!

Snuggling never gets old!

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Friday, March 13, 2015

Disney World Part 2

I finally made it through the rest of our Disney pics!  Now I am officially in post Disney depression and want to go back. :(  See Part 1 of our Disney trip here.

Epcot was on the plans for Saturday of our trip!  We knew it was supposed to rain so we all came prepared!

Obligatory Spaceship Earth pics. :)

Grandma and Bradley weren't afraid of the rain!

Our first ride was Spaceship Earth.  It has changed since I was there last - they take pics of you and put you in scenes at the end when you are going down the "mountain".  So funny!

Nate looking like a total dad in his rain gear. ;)

Had to get our family shots!  Nate kills me in these! :)

The rain can't stop our family!

They must have said "make a strange pose"?

Epcot fun!

Apparently the one character Blake doesn't love - Minnie. :)

Tyler was cool with her.

My mom was a character chaser again! :)

We got Bradley an Ewok from Epcot but I think Nate liked it more.

I LOVE eating around the "worlds".  School Bread from Norway - delish!

Our Germany eats were Noodle Gradin and Nate had a bratwurst.  So tasty.

Just a little wet in Japan.

Nate on his cell in the phone booth in England. :)

Not sure if Blake loved the rain. :)

The baby center was visited often.  One time I came back with Bradley and Nate had buckled the Ewok in. :)

Baby Center photo shoot. :)

We realized we hadn't taken any family matching shirt pics when we got to France for dinner.  I was so bummed!  Too bad this was after a day in the rain - ROUGH!

With the SIL!

French Disney baby.

Our French waitress' name was Sophie, just like the giraffe! :)

Papa time.

It stopped raining right when we were leaving so we had a massive photo shoot in front of the globe! 

This thing is so cool at night!

For some reason the Memory Maker pics were oddly blurry.

Epcot love.

Mouse ears selfie.

Sunday was our free day so we spent the morning at the pools!  The first pool was the "Cars" pool right by our rooms.  And it was Bradley's first time in a pool!

Bradley got to test out his car!

Group pic of the boys!  My dad loved how all the lifeguards were so serious - literally the most serious lifeguards you have ever seen.  They must have a lot of fear instilled in them about making sure they don't ruin anyone's Disney vacation!

Next we went to the Finding Nemo pool.  This is the main pool and giant!

Bradley loved buzzing around. :)

The pools are like a water park!

Florida weather > Minnesota weather

Bradley was exhausted from so much pool fun. :)

Snuggle time!

Even the Ewok made it to the pool!

Blakey loved the cars.

We didn't swim in the Little Mermaid pool so we will have to do that next trip!  We all got ready and decided to get some lunch and roam the grounds.  Disney outfit #4. :)

Matching in their pastels!

Lunch fun!

Art of Animation is like its own theme park.  They have these massive sculptures everywhere for great photo ops!  Presenting the baby!

Could Tyler be any cuter?!

I was excited to get a pic with Ariel wearing my Little Mermaid sweatshirt!

My cute parents with Sebastian.

Biggest Ursula ever!

Stroller meat part 2.

Fun with dad!

We went to Downtown Disney again for our last dinner all together.

Rough fish taco pic with the bro.

Bradley was named after his uncle, Jonathan Bradley!

Papa snuggles.

Last group shot!  Waaaaaa!!! :(  

Our trip went WAY too fast!  We had the best time and are already planning our trip back!  I can't wait for Bradley to be a little older and experience it again, too!  We would recommend a Disney trip to any families - it really is the happiest place on earth!

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