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Newborn (and new mom!) Must Haves!

Now that I am a newborn expert (bahaha! Far from it!) I have been able to see what favorites and must haves we have for Bradley!  Before having him, we totally went off of my SIL and other friends that already have babies to know what items we needed or should have on hand.  Here are some things we absolutely love and will continue using with future kids!

Now I know my mom would say these are not needs, which I agree, but I would say they have definitely helped!!  (PS - not paid by any of these - just love!) 

I think our absolute favorite must have is the UppaBaby Vista and Mesa stroller system.

My bro and SIL have this stroller so we already knew about it before Bradley, but even after we did our own research it came out on top.  One of the main reasons we love it is the adjustable handle bar that reaches higher than most strollers.  When we would test out others we felt like we were pushing a doll stroller!  I am just shy of 6', and Nate is 6'7", so not any ol' stroller would work for us!

I googled "tall people strollers" (haha) and narrowed down to the Uppababy Vista and the City Select to test out.

Well, we went to Buy Buy Baby and within about 10 seconds knew the Vista was for us!  It was an exciting day when it arrived last Spring.  We had to test it out on the little girls. :)

A big part of what we loved is the carseat clips right in.

Sprinkles biggest selling feature was that the bassinet also doubles as a great dog bed.

The BabyGuyNYC has a great video on Youtube - I think it is the model before ours but basically the same thing.  He is the best!

Will be good if someday we have another nugget to add to the bunch like our nephews!

We also love the cute Skip Hop stroller organizer.  

My second absolute baby must have is our Nook Niche.   I did some research before purchasing a breastfeeding pillow and this was by far the tallest and widest that I saw.  Since we are both giants we knew we needed something more substantial.  I bring this sucker anywhere we travel, too.  Nate always goes, "Do we REALLY have to bring the giant pillow?" and I always say, "YES!" and am so thankful I brought it.  

Bonus - they have amazing customer service, too!  I messaged them on Instagram when I noticed we had some small tears in our pillow (I'm sure because I use it 24/7) and they shipped us a new cover!  Love good customer service!!

I also think the Niche helped Bradley not hate tummy time from the start.  Because it is so high up it was more of an incline to ease him into it.

A couple other of my nursing must haves are the Mother Love nipple cream (sweet, sweet relief) and the Lansinoh nursing pads.  Necessary.

The first week Bradley was home we were NOT able to get him to sleep.  We figured it was because he was a newborn but we both need our sleep or will be evil zombies.  My SIL suggested getting the Snugabunny swing, we went on Craigslist and picked one up THAT day, and he slept through the night from then on!  Granted, we had him swaddled, with white noise (Sleep Sheep) and pacifier while in swing but whatever works!  He loved it!  We still use it for occasional naps, and Bradley is over 5 months old now!

I am sure it is user error, but we could never figure out how to prop Bradley in the 4moms tub, and I REALLY wanted it to work.  It has a temperature alert thingy that I am all about, but the whale tub is about half the price and has been amazing.  The ledge props him up perfectly and he can kick his little legs and get a nice bath.

Anyone want to buy the 4moms tub from us?  I know I sold it so well. :)

When Bradley was teeny tiny, the Mamaroo was AMAZING!  We kept it in our kitchen/family room and it worked perfectly to set him down for naps or just to relax while we cooked dinner or threw in a load of laundry.  He still uses it now, but not quite as often now that he is older and wants to move, so this is definitely more of a newborn helper than middle aged baby.  :)  Still useful and amazing to have!

Around 10 weeks old, we wanted to start transitioning Bradley to sleeping flat on his back in the Halo Bassinest.  This was a gift from my parents and we are SO thankful!  I'm not sure we would have been able to purchase on our own because of the cost, but it has been amazing!  It is right next to our bed and has a 360 degree swivel to get in and out of bed, easily pick him up while in bed, etc.

When we were ready to take the flat back plunge, we got the Magic Sleepsuit (another SIL recommendation) and I wouldn't even call it a transition, he just started sleeping perfectly from day one! 

We just transitioned out of the sleep suit into sleep sacks because he is rolling and we miss it!

Amazon Mom/Prime has also been a necessity for us.  When you are at home with a newborn, you do not have time to constantly run out and buy things.  With Prime, basically anything you need ships within two days!  We order our Pampers Swaddlers (note - if you buy a damaged box it is like $10 cheaper!) and wipes exclusively from here!  And basically every toy he owns...

The New Mama class was SO special and needed for me to take.  When you never had younger siblings and out of state nephews, you don't learn about babies!  The only class Nate and I took before Bradley was born was CPR, so we were VERY clueless.  This class not only gave me knowledge and confidence, but was a forced way to drive with Bradley in the car, practice getting out of the house and somewhere on time, a support system of other new moms, and practice going places with a baby in general!  One of the requirements in the class is meeting outside of class once a week all together.  We were all so scared at first, but it made me not afraid to be in public and breast feed or have a crying baby!

I have to put it on here - the pacifier was also a must have for us.  I hate saying that, because now that he is older it has turned into the biggest thorn in our side since we created a mini addict and he wakes up dozens of times a night for it.  We are currently knee deep in cold turkey pacifier removal - pray for us!!  But I do think it was amazing and necessary for the first few months of his life!

I get a lot of questions where I buy Bradley's clothes, and honestly most are hand me downs (thank you Andrea!), clothes loaned from his cousins (thank you Tyler and Blake!) or purchased at Once Upon a Child (used kid's clothing store) or Target.  We also love Carter's (thank you Grandma!) and their coupons. :)

Lindsey Koch Photography

Last but not least...a super smart and helpful SIL!  At least three times a day since Bradley was born (well, before, too) I have texted her with questions and needing advice and she ALWAYS has been able to help.  I'm sure I am so annoying but she is the big sis I never had!  Wish you could buy one of these - she is priceless! :)

I will do a "middle aged" baby must haves soon now that he is no longer a "newborn".  It boggles my mind how fast they change!

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