Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Valentine's Decor

I have been jonesing for a holiday to decorate for and now I have a mini one!  We really don't have much Valentine's Day decor, but a few touches here and there still feel festive.  

I started with the front door.  This deco mesh wreath is dying slowly so once I have a free moment I need to either fix her back up or figure out something else.  For now, I think the cute Target mat can distract. :)

Then on Saturday I was at my friend Missy's getting my hair done and she had the cutest "LOVE" sign on her front porch.  I asked where she got it and found out she makes them!  Of course she does!

Sidebar - we chopped!  Feels good to get the staticky mess off my back. :)  And she MADE that wall behind me!!  Amazing!!

Hello fresh hair.  Now someone come teach me how to make it look like this everyday. :)

This was my weekend of catchup pampering and also got my nails done!  (And toes, which haven't been touched since I was pregnant...).  Of course had to do some Valentine's nails!

Missy also has a background with plants/landscaping, so I asked what would be a good thing to put in our pots on the porch in the winter since I thought it looked too bare without anything.  She suggested getting some sticks!  So I sent Nate into our backyard forest to gather some sticks for me.  I strapped on Bradley and decorated away!

I think this is a great free way to get some character on our porch!  It made Bradley very sleepy. :)

I put the LOVE sign outside and really like it, but am too afraid it will get stolen.  We haven't had any issues with that, but why risk it?  At least when it is brand new. :)

My sideboard was looking a little bare, 

so this was the perfect place!  The little girls like it here. 

 Instagrammed. :)

 Bradley has also been dressed for the holiday! :)

We found out this weekend he has croup and RSV. :(  So sad.  We bring him outside a lot to get some fresh, cold air and he likes it.  So thankful we have been in the 30s so we can do that!  Praying he gets well soon and can get back to day care (and mom can get back to work!!).  My heart breaks to see him this way. :(

Do you decorate for Valentine's Day?  Would love (I'm a nerd) to get more inspiration!

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  1. Love the sticks! Perfect! I really want to do this now.

    1. I know! I never would have thought of doing it and it is free and easy!!

  2. I really love your deco mesh wreath. This is going to sound so silly but I've never thought about decorating for Valentine's Day before and I love decorating for the Holidays. You're inspiring me!

    1. Haha! I love it! Any reason to decorate works for me. :)

  3. Love your decorations!! Also, Bradley is to.die.for! What a handsome little guy! Sorry to hear he's not feeling well. :(