Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Cupcake Tree Is Up!

Confession - the cupcake tree has actually been up for about a month but I am just getting around to posting it!  #momprobz

I didn't step it up this year like I wanted to, so it basically is the same as last year.  I need a much better table skirt (yes, that is a wrinkly bed sheet - my bad) so that is a MUST for next year.

Standard Instagram shot.  Why do filters make everything so pretty??

The couch is a little full now with Sushi's bed on here (poor thing is shut out of our room at night now because she meows constantly and wakes up Bradley!) so not as cute as usual.

Lots of added Christmas items to my usual junk.

The stand mixer is still one of my favorite ornaments.  So fun!

Cracks me up that last year Sprinkles was in this exact same spot for the pic.  Chimi must have been jealous and said it is HER year! :)

Love how the girls cupcake bed works well with the decor. :)

Standard messy desk in the background...ugh.

Hooray for Christmas!  Will post the rest of the house soon. :)

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  1. Love this & your blog as usual!! Hope all is well with you guys. :)