Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Tour

Better late than never, right?  I have already shared our upstairs Christmas decor, and now for the main floor!  Bradley says, "Welcome!"

I will start with the built ins since they are my new favorite!

Doubled up stockings for Bradley since my mom brought up his family stocking.

I love how the ornament garland looks with the new set up!  So does Chim. :)

And Sprinkles, too!

I have so much more space to load up the Christmas crap!! :)

The best part of Christmas - this little man!

Now for the tree!  I always start off with my favorite ornaments that we started collecting when we were dating!  I looked too late this year, so we had to order one online and it should come sometime next week.  Oops.

Not much better than a tree lit up at night!

The sideboard has the usual suspects (and an empty frame I need to fill).

And we have a few other touches here and there.

The front door is pretty much the same as always, except I forgot to change to our Christmas doormat!  

I think my deco mesh obsession is waning...or maybe all of my wreaths are just getting a little ragged from being out in the elements all these years!  I need to decide what to do for next year...

I'm already getting my post Christmas depression.  I just love the magic of the holidays!  I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!

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