Saturday, November 8, 2014

Week In Pictures

Recent happenings through the eyes of my phone camera.

My mom and Aunt working on Bradley's stocking!  I can't wait to visit my Aunt's (and cousin's) store when we are in Des Moines!

We just wrapped up our New Mama class.  Such an amazing class for any new moms!  These 6 weeks were SO helpful for me to learn things about Bradley (and myself!), discuss all things baby with other new moms, and even just getting out of the house!  It was a bittersweet last class.

These are Bradley's friends (Bradley is in green stripes).

The mamas and babies!

Never enough tummy time!

Chimi's usual expression when Bradley cries. :)

Target feeding!  Target should just have a big lactation room since it's filled with moms!

Christmas jammies time!!  Hooray!!

Warm and cozy in his bear outfit!

More Christmas jammies!

Love this mini man.

No more Halloween decor on the built ins!  Giving them a few week rest but soon to be covered in Christmas!

Vikings game day!

OBSESSED with Freddy's Steakburgers.  Like want it everyday obsessed.

Bradley enjoyed an exciting morning of voting and Target.

Chimi likes sitting on the pillow when Bradley is eating.

Cute corner of his nursery.  Maybe someday he will sleep in here!  Hopefully not anytime soon!

Sushi and Chimi are almost besties now!!  I have caught them playing together and then this!!

2014 Cupcake Tree has begun!

Chim loves warm clothes out of the dryer!

Yes he does!

Relaxing in his Mamaroo.

I wish I could sit and snuggle forever.

Best socks ever!

Soon to be my new best friend.  Rats.


Chimi encountered a problem...Sprinkles in the bed she claims!

Problem solved!

Happy Saturday!  Hope you have an amazing weekend!

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  1. My coworker, Elizabeth, and baby Boden were in your class! Fun!