Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

Bradley's first Thanksgiving was great!  

Dad likes setting him (super briefly) on the couch like this for pics since he looks so little.  :)  Won't be able to do that much longer since he is about to roll!

We drove to Des Moines and I had to document my new favorite shirt on Instagram! :)

We had a mini blizzard the day before, but luckily the roads were much better on Thanksgiving morning.  We left a little before 7AM and the coldest I saw the temp say was -12, but captured this -10 on camera. Yeesh!

Nate sat in the back with Sprinkles and Bradley.

My rear view mirror scene.  Sprinkles face cracks me up!  And Bradley slept the whole way (both ways!)!

We were so excited to see our nephews!  Blake was pointing at our picture and saying our names.  I am "Au-wua" (Aunt Laura) and Chimi is "Chippy".  :)

It was so fun going to the farm so Bradley could meet tons of family members for the first time!  

Tyler liked watching Great Papa make popcorn or "Papa-Corn".

My highlight is always catching up with my cousin (and one of my best girlfriends) Molly!

Our little turkey!

On Friday a few of my mom's friends stopped by to meet Bradley.  

Then he got to meet some of my other best friends Kristin and Lindsey at the world's greatest restaurant, Monterey!

Bradley and I brought our matching Christmas jammies!

Cousin Blakey photo bomb!

Everyone has holiday wear!

Papa the superhero!

Sprinkles loves seeing Bear. :)

So does Blakey!

Then Tyler helped Grandma decorate for Christmas and got the star on the tree!

We also took some cousin elf diaper pics!

 Just chilling in my little buddy diapers. :)

 Cousin Tyler had big boy Christmas undies on. :)

Most of the pics turned out like this. :)

 Or this. :)

Runaway elf!

The pictures wore out this little elf.

Hanging out with Papa.

We were sad to go but it is nice to be back home.  Now we are trying to figure out everything we need to pack for Bradley's first day of daycare!  Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

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