Friday, October 31, 2014

Week In Pictures

Recent happenings through the eyes of my phone camera.

Finally sent out birth announcements with his newborn pics designed by Lindsey!  We didn't order a ton so here it is folks! :)

Love the giggles!

Little cuties.

Bradley was happier than he looks. :)

Love that it looks like he is doing a cha cha!

Sweet sleeping man.

Sprinkles was great at helping me with my marquee light project.

Bradley visited my coworkers!  He had to take pics with the hotties that he matched. :)

I got SUPER excited when there was another mom in my New Mama class with the MZ Wallace diaper bag!

Proud of my culinary skills when I made a homemade pasta sauce!

Too good to not post. :)

Little nappers.

Not sure how our parens generation survived without video monitors??

Couldn't love him more!

Had to post this #tbt (throwback Thursday) on Instagram from Halloween last year. :)

This is what happens when Nate and my mom dress Bradley!  Ha!

Sweet little dino.

Flirting with Grandma!

Having too much fun in the piano gym.

Sprinkles turn!

I take so many pics on the changing pad because he looks too cute when he puts on his little outfits!

More tummy time fun!

The kids. :)

Prepping all of Bradley's holiday apparel since the season is here!

I didn't really have pregnancy cravings other than Yasso but I did eat a LOT of Smashburger!  Felt like a reunion going to get some!

Little monster head.

So glad he loves his baths!  And holding daddy's hand. :)

Caught these two being friends!!  

Had to wear some team pride.

Caught cuddling!

Nothing better.

Wearing the cutest little outfit from his friend Sawyer!

Bradley always has his hand reaching for some skin. :)

I get made fun of for shopping at Walmart but this is one reason why I love them!  Early Christmas!

Such a champ at his 2 month check up!  

I love his facial expressions!

Checking himself out in the mirror!

More sweet jammies pics.

Sprinkles was on patrol.

Somebody is two months old!!


Cozied into the Mamaroo.

Love catching some personality! :)

My "Week In Pictures" should be retitled "Month In Pictures".  Or "Bradley's Month In Pictures". :)  Too many good ones!  Happy Halloween!

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  1. He is so adorable! Makes me want another one!!! #babyfever

  2. What is the matter with his thanksgiving/camouflage outfit? Grandma thinks it is great for autumn!

  3. Such a gorgeous looking little fella, and a snappy dresser as well. I had a short haired Griffen called Gizmo, they are such an adorable dog - love seeing photos of your girls. Sandra