Monday, October 6, 2014

Week in Pictures

Recent happenings through the eyes of my phone camera.

We are in 3 month clothing now!  A bit big, but can't believe it!

Chimi gets exhausted having a little brother. :)

Looking studly in cousin clothes and a cow!

Love my little maternity leave helpers so much.

Love watching them cuddle!

Received the sweetest present from my friend Lindsey!  Bradley was born on her birthday, too, which  makes it extra special.  :)

I run errands like a maniac when Grandma is in town!  Was excited to have my nails and hair taken care of!

New phone case from my mom - she has the cow. :)

Bradley was sleeping with his hand in the Little Rascals pose!

Is Sprinkles not twins with Barf from Spaceballs??  I see a family Halloween costume one of these years...

Loving on Grandma.

It was so fun to be featured on Cuckoo 4 Design's Living Pretty with Your Pets!  The little girls felt like celebs! :)

Our favorite nurse Amy snuggling with Bradley!

It will be a sad day when he doesn't let me put him in bright striped pants anymore.

Love this squishy face!!

Finally figured out the carrier!

How we all felt about the Vikings game against the Saints...yeesh.

He has been smiling and laughing!  So fun!

Received 3 giant boxes of baby clothes from our neighbor and friend Andrea!  SO sweet and generous!!  This was one of my favorite finds in the box! :)

Our Walmart has been out of my favorite fudge Yasso's so this is my second favorite cold treat. :)

More Mamaroo fun.

Our new obsession...we literally put it on everything!

Lunch with Daddy!  Also found his baby book!

I'm obsessed with Rosa Mexicano's crab enchiladas...want some right now!

Found these elastic waist jeans at Kohl's and am super obsessed!!  All jeans should have elastic waists!

Sleepy little girl.

Sushi has also been a little attention starved and needing more belly rubs.

Hobby Lobby saw the cute pic of Bradley in their Christmas aisle on Instagram and sent him some ornaments!  So sweet!!

More smiles!  Obsessed!!


Our neighbor April made homemade apple crisp!  So lucky to have the best neighbors!

Looking shameful after whizzing on mom.

Love snuggling this mini man so much!

Most days I don't even turn on the tv because daytime tv is AWFUL!  I do enjoy The Real, however I don't think I am their demographic. :)

Sometimes the only way Bradley will nap is snuggling me, and I am totally fine with that. :)

My view 90% of the day.  Love love love!

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