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Maternity Must Haves

I feel like it was eight years ago that I was pregnant, not eight weeks!  I had started a post with my favorite maternity items while I was pregnant and it somehow was deleted into blog land, so it took a while to re-gather my thoughts on all things necessary while pregs.

I will start with my clothing necessities.  I like to photograph (and sometimes Instagram) outfits that when I like how they come together, because I have the world's worst memory.  It also works great for blogging! :)

I tried to wear my non-maternity clothes as long as possible, but when I was bursting out of my jeans my sweet mom took me to Motherhood Maternity and got me a pair of maternity jeans!  I basically wore those suckers everyday straight for a few months!  My inseam is 35" minimum, 37" preferred, so I couldn't get just any maternity jeans.  I tried on a few pairs and we both loved these Hudson ones.  Done!  Thank you Mom!  Since jeans long enough for me are always ridiculously expensive, I didn't get any others my whole pregnancy.  Well, I ordered one pair for $20 off eBay and those helped for about a month but I outgrew them pretty fast.  So these ones saved me!

I have mentioned before how my "uniform" is almost always a cardi or top layer, big necklace, and a tank under, and that didn't change while pregnant!  My new favorite tanks are the Liz Lange ones from Target.  I have in black, white, coral, turquoise, grey, striped...and multiples of some of the colors!  They are amazingly long and don't have the built in ruching for big bellies, they just stretch nicely.  I am still wearing these 8 weeks post partum and plan on wearing them forever!  I wear them with nice outfits and also just casually around the home.  They are super soft and just great tanks.

My mom also got me a few Motherhood Maternity tanks that I am obsessed with (and still wear).  They are even LONGER than the Liz Lange tanks and crazy soft.  I will keep wearing these post partum, too!

Since I was pregs basically the entire summer, almost all I wore during those months were dresses!  The days I would wear jeans in the summer (which were very limited) I would sweat my a$$ off at work.  So I kept that to about once a week once it was hot out.  Dresses are awesome because they can look so different by putting a different jacket or cardigan over, different jewelry, shoes, etc.  

I loved this Target Liz Lange dress because it fit super cute and was striped!  Confession - I purchased in medium and large so I could wear my entire pregnancy...and I did!  And I also own in black...obsessed.

I picked up two Old Navy maternity dresses (grey and army green) that fit similarly to the Target dresses I loved.  They were perfect to add to the dress rotation!

All of my maxi dresses came from Alloy.  This site is a tall girl's dream!  Almost everything they sell comes in extended lengths and are super affordable.  They also email discount codes daily so most of these dresses were under $20!!  They aren't maternity but stretch well, and I can wear all of them post partum!  Score!  My favorite styles are:

Sarah (black, coral, blue stripe, coral stripe, blue tie-dye), 

Alejandra (black, teal and blue), 

Audrey (chevron),

and Jayne (black, lavender).

I have one maxi skirt that I didn't wear super often, but was a nice variety.

I also tried to get creative with non-maternity items, like pulling this skirt up over the bump and adding a belt to create shape.

Underneath all of these dresses I almost always wore my favorite Belevation shorts!  They worked out so well to smooth any lines and also wick away sweat.  Definitely a maternity must have!

Comfy clothes were even more important!  Most of my sweats still worked and were nice and stretchy, and if I wanted to run errands I would just throw on a jean jacket or some top and pretend it was an outfit. :)  (These sweats are also from Alloy).

As for non clothing items, the Bump Nest is at the top of the list!  I had pretty bad back pain throughout my pregnancy so this was a must have and worth the cost!  Nate also has hip pain so he loved (and still loves) stealing it!

Just to keep it real, obviously these are a must have. :)

And OF COURSE a supportive hubs and snuggly pets are must haves!  

Lindsey Koch Photography

Clearly there are many others, but these are the ones that are top of mind.  What could you not live without while pregs?

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