Sunday, October 26, 2014

Marquee Lights

My newest minor major obsession is marquee lights!  I know you have seen these already in our kitchen and nursery and I decided to attempt to make some on my own!

Check out my spooky shadow!

But first let's look at the nice looking marquee lights. :)  Love love love the R in our kitchen that Nate got for our anniversary this year!  Like I posted about our porch, I was super obsessed with getting an R for outside like this photo (from Vintage Marquee Lights).

We don't keep it outside, but it looks amazing in our kitchen!  It's not super sturdy right now so we will have to hang it once Bradley starts walking around but works here for now. :)

Once I found and fell in love with this nursery I knew Bradley's nursery had to have a marquee light. We thought about following their tutorial on making one, then got smart and ordered from this shop on Etsy instead.  They were able to do a custom color in orange for us to match the nursery closet!  Perfect!  

Lindsey Koch Photography

I kept seeing super cute DIY marquee lights on Pinterest and thought it would be a really good idea to make some holiday ones because they look so simple on this post!  I picked up all the supplies at my beloved Hobby Lobby.

I would agree that the actual steps are simple, but it took me a good month to finish because you cannot do all the steps right in a row.  Paint one side, let dry.  Paint other side, let dry.  Wait for hubs to handle drill...still waiting...

Finally finished!!

One step I skipped was to twist tie the cords down on the back so you can't see the from the front (evidence below).  I definitely will do this at some point, but probably next year.  It sounds like too much work right now. :)

It was fun to make and try out, however I probably won't do it again. :)


Standard Instagram shot. :)

My new goal is to have a marquee light in every room of the house!  Just kidding, kind of. :)  But something tells me this isn't the last our house will see of these fun lights!

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