Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Halloween Front Porch is Ready!

I am so excited that it is now October because that means down comes the Fall wreath, and up goes the Halloween wreath - one of my favorites!  Here is the initial wreath switch up posted on Instagram.

Then, I wanted to step it up a little this year - or a lot.  I do like how we had it last year but considering our Christmas front door gets so much love, I thought why not do that for Halloween?  PLUS the SIL who loves Halloween is coming this weekend, and I want to make sure she feels welcomed in Halloween style!  Boom!

Here is how I got there.  I'm always inspired by Lisa Frost's fun front doors.  This one in particular I have loved for a while, so I took a page from her book and gathered supplies!

I have lots of deco mesh on hand, so I grabbed any Halloween colored deco mesh and brought  it down.

I ran to Michael's and grabbed some garland with a coupon, and put that up.  Need something to tie the deco mesh onto!

I like the Lisa Frost photo lime mesh, and it is one of the colors in my wreath that needed more love, so I went with that.

Next I put up our pumpkin lights (and the mailman came at that time and said he liked decorating for Halloween, too!) :)

At this point I could tell there was way too much green, so I ran to Walmart for some $1 pumpkins!  I cleaned them out!  I loved the pink ones but after texting a girlfriend we decided no pink. :)  Maybe next year...

I tied the pumpkins into the garland and loved!  

I also picked up these fun swirly picks from Hobby Lobby and knew I had to work them in somehow.

I stuck a couple in the mums and the rest in the mesh.  Fun!

My pumpkins are undecorated and shameful compared to last year.  I guess you win some, you lose some.

I realize our porch is a little crazy but I always remember loving the houses that were super decked out when I went trick or treating.  And we don't get too many trick or treaters around here so I have to do all I can to get some!

Sidebar - no one tells jokes up here (Minnesota) for their candy.  I grew up in Iowa, and we always had to have a joke to tell and work for our candy!  Didn't you?  Our first year in the house (2010) I kept asking all the kids for jokes and they looked at me like I was crazy, then Nate asked why I kept asking them for jokes.  Oops.  Greedy little Minnesotans! :)

I still need to get some pictures at night with the pumpkin lights lit, but for now she looks cute during the day!  Happy Halloween!

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  1. I used this as inspiration and now have a gorgeous front door for Halloween. Thank you! Wish I could post pics!

    1. Yay!! Can you post on my Facebook page?? Would love to see!!