Monday, October 13, 2014

Family Weekend

I'm super sad because my family just left from a fun filled weekend!

Laura Rae Photography
My mom came on Wednesday to help get the house ready and to help with Bradley, then my SIL, brother and nephews flew in Friday and my dad picked them up.  Everyone was so excited to meet Baby Bradley!

Well, Tyler wasn't as excited because he was too sleepy. :)

Bradley was excited to see Papa!

The cousins all together!

Saturday morning everyone got ready bright and early for a photo shoot at the sculpture garden! 

We can't wait to see the rest of the pictures!  We loved the sneak peek the photographer posted (the first picture at the top of the post!)

It was a perfect morning but a little chilly, so we kept our jackets on for the pics.

Saturday afternoon we hit up Sever's Corn Maze (also the pumpkin patch!).

Tyler and Shannon loved the corn bin.  I stayed clear! :)

Grandma hopped in, too!

Tyler also went down the big slide!

Lots of fun!

Bradley wore his Boo buns but didn't get out at the maze. :)

I knew I wanted to try Bradley's first bottle this weekend since my SIL knows all about babies.  He turned 7 weeks old this weekend and I go back to work at 12 weeks, so the clock is ticking!  He took it like a champ!  We tried the Como Tomo bottle first and he took it no problem, but kept pushing the nipple down with his tongue.

We tried the Joovy Boob and that one was perfect!  He drank his 1 ounce super fast so then I had to feed.  At least we know he will take a bottle!

More morning mayhem with cousins.

Sunday the boys went to the Vikings game and the girls and little boys went to the Mall of America! Only pic we got...

We had such a great weekend and wish it could have been longer!  Next time we will see everyone is Thanksgiving so we will look forward to that now. :)

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  1. Looks like a ton of fun! Your little one is growing so fast!!!

    1. I know!! I can't believe he is 7 weeks old already!!