Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Dog Park Fun!

We were super excited that our neighborhood just opened a dog park!  The little girls have been such good big sisters and definitely deserved a morning of fun!  We have had the best Fall weather but I know it is changing fast, which made it even more imperative to get outside!

Chimi can be a little scared of big dogs so she hitched a ride in the stroller in the beginning. :)

So funny!

We met up with our neighbor friends Nicole, Andy and Cora (but of course starting taking pics after they left) but it was super cute to see our pups play together!  

There is a really nice trail in the big dog side of the dog park that we walked around a couple times.  Nate likes pushing the stroller (proud Dad). :)

Then we let the little girls run!  Nate and Chimi ran back and forth for quite a while!  Sprinkles frolicked a little but mostly stayed by me. 

They were exhausted when we got home!

We love Fall!

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