Thursday, October 2, 2014

Bradley's First Pumpkin Patch!

There are so many firsts happening for Bradley, and an important Fall one happened this weekend - his first pumpkin patch trip! :)  

First we had to eat at Zuppa Cucina - best wild rice soup ever.  He looked a little mad that we weren't feeding him bites of it.

Then we headed over to Sever's Corn Maze for their pumpkin patch!  We skipped the actual maze and amusements.  We love this place because if you aren't going for all the stuff inside, they have a pumpkin patch outside that you don't have to pay admission to enjoy and have a photo shoot! :)  

Pumpkin patches always remind me of Charlie Brown.  Can't wait until that's on tv this year!

We love hugging our pumpkin! :)

Instagrammed, duh. :)

I love doing festive things for the season!  We will hopefully make it to an orchard sometime this month so he can try some cider.  :)  Through his milk of course.  What other Fall activities should we be doing??

Happy Fall!

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