Friday, September 12, 2014

Project Built Ins Is Complete!

Phase two is now complete on our built ins project - the stone!  

We ended up going with a charcoal stacked stone after looking at WAY too many samples.  We love our choice and how it looks in the room!

Our built ins have been in for a few months and we could not love them more.  Then in week 40 of my pregnancy we started the stone.  We had a few minor hiccups with the first company we used (AKA they were awful) but then Nate found a company to save the day!  We are those crazy people that scheduled stone installation the morning after our induction date.  Ha!  Nate and my mom traded duties (my mom came to hospital and Nate went to house to meet up with the installer) at 5AM which is pretty much exactly 12 hours after Bradley was born! :)  It was fun coming home from the hospital and checking it out.

Nate and my dad got the TV back up and the room is set!

This is usually what the room looks like - random baby crap and dog toys everywhere!  We love a lived-in home! :)

Hello sir!  Welcome to our living room!

It makes the whole area look much more finished since the family room and kitchen are all one big open room.  Now to get Nate to let me paint the walls light grey...always something! :)

We still haven't had a chance to focus on the decor/stuff on the built ins, but someday we will.

This has been such a big item on my wish/to-do list especially with Bradley here, so we are so happy!

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