Saturday, September 6, 2014

Bradley's Birth Story

I love reading blogs on other's birth stories so here is Bradley's!  I know they can be a bit TMI so feel free to skip if you don't like things like that. :)

I was so certain I was going to have Bradley early because I had about 10 friends due this summer and every single one of them went one to five weeks early.  All of them!  As the weeks kept ticking by I was as antsy as can be (which was well documented on my Instagram - ha!) and could not believe he wasn't here!  Once we hit 40 weeks and I had my weekly appointment they scheduled a biophysical profile ultrasound just to make sure everything was going ok.

At the ultrasound all seemed good, and we found out they were guessing he was 10 pounds!  Eek!    They also let us see some 3D images of what he looked like!  Amazing!  We joked that his fat was trapping him inside of me.  :)  Such nice parents we are.

We had an induction scheduled for 41 weeks on the nose which was Sunday, August 24.  I was semi bummed (for like a second) that I never went into labor on my own, but I couldn't imagine waiting even a minute more, especially knowing how big he was and growing!  We knew we would have the doctor on call and not our doctor, which was a bummer, but we didn't really have a choice.  I think looking back I do wish I had told my doc let's wait one more day so she could deliver just because she knew my preferences and history, but everything happens for a reason and I am at peace with that.  :)

Night before - only bare belly pic I ever allowed! :)

In the morning I had to screenshot my alarm going off!

And had to take a final (really bad and sleepy eyed) bump shot!  Whatever.  At least it is documented.

The girls watching the pic.  They knew something was going down!

We said goodbye to the little girls and were off!

Right when we got to the hospital we were greeted by who I would soon realize was my guardian angel, our nurse Amy!  She had me get changed (loved having my gownie that I packed!) and we documented the start of our day.  The on call doctor said he was pretty sure we would end up in a C section based on his size, but that they would start the pitocin and see what happened.  Amy was always SO supportive and encouraging that people have giant babies all the time and that I could do it!  So she helped keep me in the mindset of moving forward with a vaginal delivery.

They hooked me up to all machines and got the IV started.

Clearly this was taken before the pitocin kicked in!  And clearly Nate and I need to stop making this face!

More awkward pics.

My love.  Poor guy was traumatized by the day's events!

Nate was cold in the room. :)  I was hot.

My guardian angel - Amy!!  I knew how rough I looked but was so afraid I would forget to get a picture with her in the mayhem.

The pitocin started kicking in pretty quickly and mostly felt like bad cramps.  I remember Amy asking me about the pain and if we should get the epidural ordered (or however that works).  I said I felt ok at that point, and they helped me to the restroom.  All of a sudden I had to stop and hold onto the doorway because I had horrendous pain and couldn't move.  She looked at me and said we probably should get the epidural going if the pain was getting to be that bad, and I agreed.

GOOD thing we did, because I am not sure what the hold up was, but the anesthesiologist was MIA...not ok.  I remember always asking my friends what contractions felt like and no one can describe it.  It is truly the worst pain you have ever felt, and hopefully will ever feel.  I mean, like knives stabbing you in your stomach and being twisted over and over, but worse.  At one point I opened my eyes and saw Nate leaning over me with the most scared and concerned look on his face and I yelled, "Don't look at me!"  Ha!  At least we can laugh about it now...

During the contraction mayhem, my IV also blew and I remember blood gushing everywhere, and then someone else coming in and trying to start an IV in my other hand.  She couldn't get it to work and I could feel her jabbing and wiggling the needle over and over in the same spot, then giving up and trying another spot.  I remember thinking this is the worst torture of my life, wondering if I was a victim in the movie Hostel, and just wanting to die (yes, I'm dramatic, but anyone else feel this way during your contractions?!?!).  I also remember Amy calling on the phone and asking where the anesthesiologist was and why it was taking so long.  My angel always taking care of me!

The anesthesiologist finally arrived (after over an hour from when called - I asked Amy later.  She said 20 minutes during the day is average wait time) and they had trouble getting me into position for the epidural because my contractions were so strong and so frequent.  Of course like everyone always says, you don't even feel the epidural because all you feel is contractions.  My body must have the worst pain tolerance ever (which boggles my mind - I mean I have been a diligent waxer since I was 14!) :) because I think I would have gone into shock if I had to deliver without an epidural!

Regardless, the epidural took a bit to kick in but then definitely worked which made me realize life is worth living again! :)  I thought it was really fascinating how you can definitely still tell when you are having contractions, almost like a HUGE pressure in your butt (TMI - but it is the truth) but not painful.  I also could feel him moving down with each contraction which I thought was all in my mind, but when I asked Amy if I was crazy or if he was literally coming out she said, "Do you believe in God?" When I said yes, she had me touch his head!  So insane!  She asked Nate if he wanted to and he declined.  :)

So since the little man was there and ready to pop out, she called the doctor and suddenly there was a ton of commotion and everyone running in and setting things up as fast as possible.  I pushed through about three contractions and he was here!  No C section needed!  I couldn't believe it!!  They set him on my chest almost instantly for skin on skin and it was glorious!  Our healthy 9 lb 8 oz-er!

Our little family!

This face!

So that is the Cliff's Notes version of our big day!  I spared you a few dirty details but let's just say I have been healing up and am feeling much better now that two weeks have almost passed.  After that experience it definitely makes you thankful for amazing nurses and modern medicine. :)  We loved all of the sweet comments through text, Instagram, emails, etc.  He really is the greatest little blessing on earth and we are so happy he is here and so healthy!

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  1. Congrats! Love the post & had to laugh at the picture of your husband wrapped in s blanket. We had a baby on Tuesday and my husband was also freezing & draped in blankets during my labor. So glad you could avoid s c section!

    1. Congrats to you!!! Aren't husbands funny?? If being cold is the worst torture they go through they are lucky! :)

  2. OMG, I laughed and then I cried. What a beautiful birth story and so special of you to share it! I love hearing your words of that days events. It was my BLESSING to have been a part of your special day. You guys are such a special couple, and now family. This world is a better place with you in it!! You keep on blessing people with your giant heart, compassion and love!

    1. I would have been a HOT MESS without you!! Thank you for keeping me sane and all of us safe!! :) We love you!!

  3. Thank you for posting this (I enjoy reading birth stories), and congratulations! I was wondering if you thought the purchase of the Gownie was worth it? I'm hearing from friends that hospital gowns aren't always long enough, come untied, are awkward, etc and am considering getting my own. I also hear that once you're in all that pain, you won't care if you're exposed, but i feel like i will :)

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, I loved having the gownie because hospital gowns are too short on me! It snaps all down the back so you won't get exposed (especially if you are going to be walking around before you are in the actual super painful part of it!) which is key! I thought it was semi not needed when I bought it but SO glad I had it the day of!

  4. Loved your birth story. I have been following your blog since March. We like a lot of the same things. I was like is this my sister from another mother :).. anyway, the part about you waking up to your husband standing over you; hilarious. It reminds me of when I was in labor. My boyfriend was fidgeting and pacing, girl, he didn't know what to do. My boys are older now 17 and 11. Children are a true joy. You are going to love it. Congratulations. Bradley is a beautiful gift from God. Cherish every second that you can. They grow up very fast. Oh and your birth pics are pretty, you don't look rough.