Saturday, September 27, 2014

Bradley's Newborn Pictures!

We just received Baby Bradley's newborn pictures back and love!  He was only 8 days old in these pictures and we can already tell he looks so much older (he is 5 weeks now, so really not that much older).  Since Lindsey was due a week after me (and ended up delivering about a week before, figures) we had to find a different photographer for Bradley's newborn pics.  Lindsey recommended Jeff Loves Jessica and he did a great job!

Note to self - don't put yourself in pics one week after giving birth...however I LOVE the pictures of Bradley and Nate together!  So sweet!

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Halloween Decor

Confession - I have had our Halloween decor up for about 3 weeks.  This should come as no surprise to you if you have read this blog for any amount of time, or know me personally, but I know it is a little shameful.  Once September 1st rolls around all bets are off!  Out comes the decor!  The Fall wreath is still up (will switch to my Halloween wreath October 1st) so we are not totally Halloweened here, but close!

Like always, I don't like scary Halloween things - skulls, scary witches, spiders, etc.  I like whimsical Halloween junk - cute witches, bright colors, pumpkins, etc.  Call me a wuss.  

Still loving our sideboard for all things holiday!

And of course, had to Instagram a pic!

Dining room just has our usual bowl of pumpkins (and a bassinet now!)

Kitchen is weak - still just have these little guys.  One of these years I will do more!

Baby Bradley is also in the Halloween spirit with his jammies!

It is exhausting celebrating holidays so early.

I basically have all the same decor as last year, but it looks so much better on the built ins

A pumpkin here, a witch hat there.

Also have been using the Halloween tumbler!

I always tell myself that I will get more serious with Halloween decor and it just slips away.  Ugh!    Maybe this year I will hit up all the post Halloween clearance sales so I can be taken seriously with this holiday.  One of these years it will be epic!

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

One Month Old!

We can't believe Bradley is one month old!  

Current hobbies include smiling at his parents, pooping on Daddy, drinking lots and lots of milk, hanging out with the little girls, snuggling, and sleeping in his swing.  He is such a good baby and we couldn't love him more!

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Week In Pictures

Recent happenings through the eyes of my phone camera.

Bradley's first photo shoot!

Nate had fun at the shoot, too. :)

I love this little man so much!!

Fall nails!

This little girl...

SO scared to drive for the first time!  Stay back!

First walk!  Loving this weather!

Sweet cheeks!

Loves riding along in the Mamaroo.

Little girls are always relaxing nearby.

Our favorite nurse (and friend!) Amy came to visit!

Milk drunk.

I have been eyeing dog strollers since Sprinkles had her surgery so it is so nice to have a regular stroller that both can fit in!

Monkey face.

Hanging out with Papa.

Meeting more family!

New sleep solution - the Snugabunny swing!  Sleeps so well in here!

This mirror has been great for the car!  Thank you Baby on Grand!

Wide awake!

First game day!

Cute little froggy.

I got this for Nate for Father's Day this year - fun they can now wear them!!

So many awesome faces. :)

Meeting Lindsey's son Theo for the first time (Bradley in stars, Theo in stripes!).

Anyone else notice Kim K's AMAZING hair and makeup on Ellen?  Obsessed!

Can't stop taking pics of this little guy!  His life is well documented so far! :)

SUPER glad I bought these jeans while I was pregnant (and could zip them uncomfortably while pregnant - ha!) because I can't get any of my pre-Bradley jeans on!  Wear these almost everyday!

Bradley's first Sam's Club trip.

This is why I love Sam's Club!!

Just holding some babies.

Craving fall in every way so of course had to have some caramel apples!!

Fun mail days are the best!

Our biggest outing yet - driving across town to Hobby Lobby!  (and never want to drive again after an old man that should NOT be driving almost killed us...)

My cute mom working on Bradley's stocking in Canada!  At least she was productive when she left us!

Looking so cute for the Gopher game!  This is before pooping out the side on Daddy. :)

First dinner out!  Mexican of course.

New best friends!

Dressed by Daddy. :)

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