Saturday, August 30, 2014

Week In Pictures

Recent happenings through the eyes of my phone camera (pre-Bradley!)

Did SO much walking in the last 4 weeks.  Didn't make him come out on his own, though! :)

Chimi loves snuggles.

Wearing my "Droolery" from my friend Nicole!  It is a teething necklace but I thought it was too cute to wait and wear. 

More Skip Hop goodness!  Ordered the matching wheelie bag for Bradley...the obsession continues.

Our Ann and Anthony pillow came!  It looks PERFECT in his nursery!  Order your own here.

Nate relaxing on the patio.  We haven't spent very much time out there this summer!

Had to document flipping my planner and seeing our due date!

We drove to Emma Krumbee's for breakfast when I was feeling restless and needed some excitement.  Delicious corned beef hash!

And of course had to stop at the General Store...

...and the candy store!

We almost never buy candy here but I did get a delicious caramel apple!  Love how big this place is!

Documenting more of the belly on my last week at work (not forever, for a few months).

Bought some used Birkenstocks!  I have been looking at getting some and just couldn't bear spending $140 on I spent $30!

Once my sanity was shot and started working from home I took a half day and went to Target.  Bliss.

Sweet little girl morning time.

My usual pregnancy spot - on the couch with a little girl on my lap.

Posted this on Instagram.  Every few days I would go in and look at the room thinking it felt like it would never get used! :(

Found a little Fall sweater for Bradley!

First day working from home - was so happy to be in jammies!

Took a pic of my coworkers.

Belly snuggles.

Anyone else addicted to Bachelor in Paradise?  We love it!  And of course I love it because Michelle Money (my favorite YouTuber) is on!

Saw this on Instagram and died with how perfect it explains my last 3-4 weeks of pregnancy!  Ha!  My SIL said my emoji usage got much more violent, too. :)

More belly documentation.

The stone for our fireplace by the built ins was started!

The coworkers got WAY closer by my last day working from home!

Final repacking of the hospital bag!

Our last supper before Bradley's induction!

Our temporary bedding for Bradley until the Halo Bassinet arrives.  Can't wait to have this downstairs!

Woke up at 2AM the day of Bradley's birth and found Sushi testing out his temporary bed!  Sorry Sush, no more sleeping in our room for a while!

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  1. Where did you buy your used Birks? Congrats on your adorable boy also!!

    1. Thank you! I actually saw someone selling them on Instagram and paid through Paypal! One of my other friends has had a lot of success buying used Birks on ebay, though!