Saturday, August 2, 2014

Week In Pictures

Recent happenings through the eyes of my phone camera.

Work baby shower gifts!  So sweet!

And work baby shower poll - the early ones are my favorite coworkers. :)

I got new booties and could almost see them over my belly!

Current craving - Adam's PB cup cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory.  Dangerous.

Zuppa wild rice soup is truly the best soup in the world!

We still lift Sprinkles on and off furniture and try and make sure to have beds in every room we relax in.  She is doing so well!

Little girls are always all up in my grill!

Testing it out - weird.

Love some fresh hot pink nails!  Sinful Colors 24/7 is always a favorite.

Another fun mail day!  Clearance Boden jeans and Bradley's bath tub.

If I could only have one makeup product it would be this - Anastasia brow pencil.  Or Voluminious mascara.  Or Bobbi Brown bronzer.  Or Revlon foundation.  Never mind - I could never pick just one.

Chimi's favorite spot.

Testing out all the new gear!

So our stone is in for the built ins, but we can't find a day to get them installed!  Saddest thing ever!

Made Pioneer Woman salsa and it was too hot for us!  Next time I am NOT keeping the jalepeno seeds.  Love me some spicy food but I was on fire!

Then made some blueberry cream cheese french toast and all was right in the world.

My chocolate Yasso obsession is out of hand!  Chimi is judging my constant consumption.

An Instagram friend loved our mobile idea and had one made of her yorkie!  Love love love!

Little girls are great at breaking in all the baby stuff.

Chimi always sleeps squished back to back with me and pushed against the Bump Nest.

More cheesecake...issues.

Gotta love Dads. :)  They speak the truth.

Found Sprinkles taking a cozy nap here!

Picked up some Sephora goodies.

Another place Chimi likes to sleep.  So cute!

37 weeks last weekend!!  OMG!

Rare photo of our bed made.

I like having lots of beverage options at work, clearly.

Still so happy with how the nursery turned out!

Love white nails!  OPI Alpine Snow is a great opaque white.

The belly movements are out of control!

I have the sweetest neighbors!  My friend Nicole dropped by with all of these goodies!  Land of Nod basket, framed maternity photo, swaddle blanket, handmade pants, gummy sticks, and "Droolery"! :) Obsessed!

Found a perfect spot for the frame in the nursery!

Vikings football starts in six days!  Getting the front porch ready.

Lazy day for Sprinkles.

I keep putting more crap in the diaper bag - need to have Bradley here so I know what I actually need and use!

Happy Saturday!

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  1. Love this post! Thanks for the mention! ;) it's so funny how similar of experiences we are going through...Guc & I lay in bed back to back everyday...the hubs calls it our signature "back to back spoon!" Haha!
    Enjoy the home stretch! ;)