Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Bradley's Diaper Bag (but still no Bradley...)

I have been a big time blog slug because I was SO certain Bradley would come early!  Well, due date is Sunday and I am still pregs so I guess I was wrong!

One of my favorite Bradley purchases that we have made is our diaper bag - the MZ Wallace Kate!  It arrived a few weeks (maybe months now??) ago and I couldn't be more excited about this baby necessity. :)

Right when I found out we were pregnant, I knew this would be my diaper bag, so I told Nate we have to start saving!  I didn't even shop around - it was a no brainer.  Since so many things will be unused post Bradley's baby stage, something like this I definitely wanted usable later on.  Plus, I had a gift card from my bro and SIL for my birthday for MZW that went towards the bag.  Woo!

The same day the bag came the Mamaroo arrived!  It was a GREAT mail day!  

My everyday purse is from 2009 and I literally haven't purchased any purses but MZW since!  They aren't super common around these parts, but anyone that I know who owns one has converted to MZW only.

Now I have never been "brand name" obsessed, but I would say this IS one of my favorite brands, just because of their amazingness!  These bags are BEYOND high quality.  The material is the best - you just wipe off with a damp washcloth and they look brand new!  That seems key for a diaper bag...yikes.  The handles, zippers, etc, are also ridiculously high quality.  My purse that I have used for five years and counting doesn't even have a hint of a fray or anything coming apart.  I know I will use this bag forever - I plan on using it as my purse, too!  I believe in giant purses because a girl can never have too much in her bag.  My SIL has made both my mom and I obsessed and MZW lifers, and we are happy about that!

You probably saw on Instagram that I finally washed all the bottles/pacifiers, etc so those are now ready for the diaper bag!

I started filling her up after asking on Instagram for mommy advice from the pros.  

I also added a little owl toy to the front.  Necessary.

So far the contents include:
-diaps (duh)
-wet bag
-wubba nub and other pacifiers (right now I have TONS of pacifiers in a little Skip Hop bag - don't know what kind he will like!)
-ziploc baggies
-changing pad (came with bag)
-couple toys
-diaper rash cream
-small blanket
-hand sanitizer
-hand lotion
-Medi Buddy (mini first aid kit)

The bag came with a changing pad that I keep in the back pocket, along with my ziploc baggies.

 (Of course I had to lay it all out on the Nook Lilypad.  Tummy time for my crap).

In the front pockets I have random things for now - Nose Frida, mirror, lip stuff, etc.

Hello items I currently don't use but will be using all day, e'ry day shortly!

For now, she sits on Bradley's dresser waiting to be used.  I just know Bradley will love her, too. :)

I'm sure the contents will evolve like crazy once he is here and am more knowledgeable in what is needed, but any immediate necessities you see missing, moms?

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  1. I would throw in a pair of nail clippers, best time to cut them is when he is sleeping. Also, my daughter was a master at taking off the baby gloves so I ended up putting newborn socks on her hands so she wouldn't cut her face. Lastly, if you haven't done so already practice how to swaddle. I used a certain type of blanket to swaddle my daughter (Aden-anais muslin swaddle blankets). I found that regular baby blankets were too small and secondly the material is breathable.

    1. So smart! That little kit that I have in there has some clippers so that is good! We are so screwed with anything on how to actually care for a baby...swaddling, diaper changing, everything! Eek! I hope the nurses are ready for some focused students!! :)

  2. If you plan on nursing throw a cover in there, we did it...suprising where you can find yourself nursing:) good luck with everything, positive thoughts your way to a safe delivery!

    1. Thank you so much!! I still need to purchase one! Any recommendations???

  3. ^^If you have aden and Anais blankets those are awesome as nursing covers! Just tie to corners together, they are all I used my entire year of nursing. Then I had them to use as blankets etc after! Saved some room!

  4. I'd add a pair of baby socks. My newborn had a blowout at a doctor's appointment, and while I had a spare outfit for her I didn't have socks. And her spare outfit did not include footy pants (which is what she'd been wearing when she had the blowout, hence the no-socks thing).
    As for swaddling, I highly, highly recommend getting a couple of the Summer Swaddle Me's (or whatever they're called) and/or a Miracle Blanket. Perfect for swaddling dunces like myself. Good luck, mama!

  5. Burp cloth(s)? A hat if you're going places or will be outside.