Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Baby Bradley is Here!

We could not be more excited that Baby Bradley is finally here!  He was born Sunday, August 24 at 5:38 PM.  He was 9 lbs 8 oz (not the 10 pounder we thought we had, but close!) and 21.25 inches.  SO in love!!

Here are a couple photos (or more than a couple) from his first few days!  Some of these are repeat from Instagram but too cute to not share. :)

First time skin to skin with Daddy.

A couple hours old meeting Papa.

Grandma loving her third grandson!  Not sure what we would do without her and soooo thankful she is here helping us start our new life with Bradley!

Loving life more than words can express.

Maybe the best picture ever - showing off those cheeks!!

First time wearing his own clothes - most of our newborn stuff doesn't fit him!

Heading home!  Was near tears to leave my favorite nurse Amy that truly allowed us to have the best birth possible under all circumstances!

Meeting the girls!!

Always eating like a champ!

Love having him home!  So does Sprinkles!

The new normal for the five of us. :)

Not sure I can handle the love and cuteness!

Hoping to post more of a birth story sometime in the next week or so!  Thank you everyone for your prayers, notes, texts, comments, etc.  I might not have had a chance to get back to everyone yet but they have meant so much to us!

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  1. Been following along during your pregnancy, congratulations on a beautiful and healthy baby boy! xo

  2. He is beyond adorable. I can't wait to hear about the birth story (love those) and see more pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Congratulations! Love that your pups are so accepting of their new brother :)

  4. I remember that day!! One of the best days of work ever!!