Saturday, July 12, 2014

What's In My Hospital Bag

The day we hit 34 weeks we decided we needed to get our hospital bags going!  I am a notorious over-packer but embrace this about myself. :)  I think I read 4000 blogs on what to pack in your hospital bag, talked to friends and family, and came up with my own list below.

I do know most hospitals will have a lot of these items for use and for the taking (which we will!) but I am a planner and like to have my own items just in case, and maybe get some tutorials from the experts on how to use!  I also am not too worried about forgetting things because we live about 5 minutes from the hospital and Target is across the street from the hospital.  So we are golden!

Baby Stuff

Packing list for baby:
-Baby mittens
-A few onesies/PJs
-2 outfits (going home outfit/hospital photo outfit)
-Swaddle blanket
-Toy/stuffed animal
-Sensitive baby wipes (rumor has it some hospitals do not have these)
-Burp cloth
-Halo sleep sack
-Aspirator (read on another blog that they had a scare and needed one FAST and luckily had one handy in their bag!  They think it would have been too late waiting for a nurse to run get one!  Eek!)
-Comb and nail clippers (have full Safety 1st set)
-Soft blanket
-Car seat
-Nook Niche (nursing pillow)

I realize I have WAY too many outfits, but I like being prepared with too much rather than not enough!  I have lots of miscellaneous sizes since we don't know how big he will be, too.

I'm also bringing our diaper bag that already has a couple diaps, pacifiers, wipes, etc inside to possibly learn how to use them! :)

These two items are very important!

Nate hasn't packed yet but we started a mini list for him, too.

Packing List for Dad:
-Flip flops
-Couple changes of shirts
-Change of shorts

Mom's Bag

Packing list for Mom:
-Nursing tank and bra
-Lots of dark colored roos (undies)
-Lanolin/Medela cream/gel soothies
-Shower flip flops
-Liz Lange tanks
-Chambray button down
-Loose cardis
-2 pairs dark loose/comfy sweats
-2 zip ups/button downs (I am not a button down pajama person so have these instead)
-Coming home sweats/maxi and shoes
-Nurse gifts - any good ideas?  I probably will get a gift basket filled with candy and snacks but ideas are welcome!
-Hospital gown (photo below) - Baby Be Mine Gownie (I know these aren't necessary, but I REALLY don't want the world seeing my buns and have heard how short the hospital gowns are (#tallgirlprobz).  Problem solved!)

Not sure the nurses will let me wear a statement necklace at the hospital! :)

I'm planning on wearing this home (thin, comfy sweats) but also bringing a loose maxi in case that sounds comfier (for our super long five minute drive, haha).

Hoping to look slightly less pregnant when leaving the hospital

Items to grab later:
-Makeup bag and hair brush
-My favorite tummy butter
-Toiletry bag (I always have a travel one ready to go with most things)

What else am I missing mommies?  I'm not afraid to bring too much! :)

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  1. Bring your own shower towel! The hospital ones are worse than Sand paper!

  2. A few more suggestions:
    A playlist of your favorite music or relaxing music during labor
    A handheld back massager that Nate can use to give you a back massage during labor (if you like that sort of thing)
    Chapstick as the hospital can be very dry
    One of your tumblers, a lid, and straw. Good for ice water during labor or nursing
    A pair of socks to wear during labor and delivery. Make sure it is a pair you would be willing to throw away if needed.
    A small notebook and pen for writing down gifts people bring you in the hospital or any other important info.
    Good luck!

    1. Great suggestions!! Especially the notebook to write down gifts - would feel awful if I missed a thank you!!

  3. One more thing- chargers for your iPad and iPhone. Put your name on them in case you forget one in the room.

    1. Good call - I always have one in my purse but smart to label it with name!

  4. Bring your own snacks! I had gum and hard candy for delivery and it definitely came in handy when you cant eat anything! Our hospital had 24/7 room service, but it was nice to have some of our favorite snacks with us, room service took a while sometimes. I also brought my own pillow and one for my hubby. It made attempting to sleep a little easier! Also, one suggestion I have.... limit vistors to immediate family and maybe close friends. No matter how short or long your labor is, you will feel exhausted! You will want to catch every extra 20 minutes of sleep as you can. Especially while the little guy is super sleepy! Best of Luck!! Little boys are perfect :)

    1. Sooo true! I don't do well without easy access to food so I will make sure to do that! :)

  5. Slipper-socks with grippers on the bottom!!! My feet were always old and those are good for going on walks (and not slipping!) :) Do you have a pump yet? If so-bring it. Otherwise the hospital will have one! I'd recommend pumping there with the nurses-it's so intimidating pumping for the first time at home alone. The nurses will help show you how to work it!

  6. Grandma has started packing her bag, too!

  7. What size did you order? I was thinking a L/XL since I'm 6'0"!!!

    1. Are you talking about the hospital gown? I did the Large/XL since I am also 6' and I think it's perfect!!

  8. thank you!!! That is perfect! Yeah - I am not down with wearing a hospital gown! :)

    1. PS - did you see the pink polka dot one since you are having a girl?? I wanted that one but figured it would confuse the nurses. :)

    2. I did see the pink one - and I like that, but I also like how the blue one almost gives off a grey tint! I am packing us some hospital bags this weekend and LOVE your list!!! So organized...way ahead of me!! :)

    3. PS love your nike sweats - those are seriously the best! I have that hoodie in like 5 colors...if you ever need a hook up let me know!

    4. They are the most comfy things I have ever worn!! I am pretty sure I haven't taken off the hoodie since I got it - Nate was like "isn't this for the hospital?" Hahahah! I need them in every color!

  9. Bring witch hazel and wet toilet paper wipes, incase you get stitches. The last thing you want to do is wipe with cheap cardboard hospital toilet paper. Bring slipper socks and large pads.