Sunday, July 20, 2014

Baby Bradley's Nursery!

The nursery is complete!  Well, almost complete - we need Baby Bradley!  We are at 36 weeks, so in very little time we will have him here.  Come on in!

*Note - all links to items are at the bottom of the post!

Definitely the first thing you see when walking into the room is the changing station and marquee light "B" on the wall.  We love how it creates a fun and whimsical entry to the room!  

We previously had the marquee light over the crib thinking we would move it once he starts sleeping in here, but then we realized we aren't going to have gobs of time to be rearranging and redecorating once we are taking care of him so we might as well move it now.  It did look oh so cute above the crib though!

First location of the "B"
The changing station is still probably my favorite area of the room.  The colors and details just came together so cute.  I love it!

We ended up not putting anything above the dresser for now.  Nate didn't want to cover the polka dots (however, I think there are plenty of dots to go around!) but at some point I would like a cute mirror or something.  Still love as is!

And we can't forget the organizer from my SIL - still obsessed!  It's not so organized right now but I am waiting to see how I end up using it before having everything in its exact place.  

We also organized the drawers with some Ikea organizers.  Again, I'm sure this will all get rearranged but works for now!

The wall right next to the changing station has two windows, our dog breed canvas, basket of stuffed animals made by my aunt, and floor to ceiling curtains.

Need to work on my photo taking skills in different lighting...ughhhhh
We still have our Mamaroo in here, too since we aren't sure where we will use it most yet.

We also snuck a dog bed in here since the little girls go where we go!  They need a place to relax, too!  Sprinkles has been testing it out.

We loveeee the glider we ended up going with for the nook.  We were able to buy the floor model and save quite a bit of money, too, which was awesome!

What the nook looks like with lots of crap.

What it looks like with a little less crap. :)
Another one of Nate's nursery must haves - the stuffed elephant head for the wall.  He cracks me up!

Our book collection on the shelves has been growing!  So fun to sit here and read some of the books!

I will post more about our nursery closet organization soon.  The closet is so cute with tiny clothes in it!

We picked up two shelves from Ikea for this corner by the crib and closet.  We needed a spot for our monitor and this is really the best angle to see into the crib.

Somehow the crib has turned into a junk catch-all...

Monitor will sit on bottom shelf with the dogs

You probably saw this picture on Instagram, but I am obsessed with Skip Hop!  How cute are these bookends?  And they totally match the colors of our nursery!

Love the little backpack hanging in the closet. :)

Onto the crib!  I'm in love with the mobile of our pets!  When we started looking at mobile options everything seemed a little too themed and nothing was quite right.  So we went on Etsy and had a custom mobile made!  It has two each of Chimi and Sprinkles, and then Sushi (our cat) in the middle.  I am all about the details, especially when they are personalized, so this was a no brainer. :)

The crib bedding can look different based on the day!  We didn't purchase a full bedding set because everyone I talked to and everything I read said to not have anything more than a sheet in the crib.  So we registered for a couple sheets from Target, and got two Two Little Fish sheets as well so we have lots of options when the current sheet gets dirty.  We also got this Two Little Fish crib rail guard that is too cute and reversible!  

Here is the crib with the Two Little Fish orange sheet - love the pop of color!  Also shown with the crib skirt that we didn't purchase but I love!  More photos featuring Two Little Fish to come!

Well that should be everything!  Please let me know if there is anything I missed referencing!  Drives me crazy to go to cute blogs with ideas and they don't say where things are from, so I don't want to be that girl! 

Crib: Young America (gift from my parents)
Dresser: Vintage dresser from my parent's lake house painted Valspar Swim (see post here)
Glider:  Little Castle from Baby Grand
Pouf:  World Market
Drum Stool:  World Market
Closet system:  Ikea Pax and Menard's (see post here)

Bedding:  Two Little Fish (see post here) and Target
Changing pad:  Nook Pebble  (see post here)
Nursing pillow: Nook Niche
Diaper organizer: Crate and Barrel  (see post here)
Diaper pail: Ubbi (see post here)
Curtains: Z Gallerie
Light fixture: Land of Nod (see post here)
Lamp: Ikea
Marquee letter: Etsy (custom color)
Mobile:  Etsy
Mobile arm: PBK
Dog canvas: purchased at Swag a few years ago
Basket: made by my talented Aunt Peggy!
Book shelves and corner shelves:  Ikea
Giraffe:  Melissa and Doug
Animal Head:  Pottery Barn
Dog's bed: Walmart

Grey:  Behr Pewter Mug (see post here)
White (polka dots):  Behr Quietude
Closet:  Behr Fireglow (see post here)
Stencil:  Cutting Edge Stencils (we used Large)

I'm sure things will morph and move and change once we are actually using the room, but we absolutely love it and feel good about where we are at!  Ok Baby Bradley, we are ready for you!

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  1. All of the little details look fantastic, and the colours are amazing!! Lots of great ideas for someone who is looking forward to planning a nursery hopefully soon!

    1. Thank you so much! It was too much fun putting this together!!

  2. Hello,
    Do you know the name of the IKEA book shelves and corner shelves? The link has expired/error. Thanks!

    1. Oh shoot, I am not sure! The corner shelves I know aren't actually corner shelves, we just turned them into corner shelves! And the book ones are in the picture department - like it is actually a picture ledge and not meant for books. Hope that helps!