Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Shower #3

This past weekend we had another shower, this time in Iowa.  It was hosted by two of my mom's sweet friends that I have known as long as I can remember!

My mom was super excited, as always. :)  

They had such yummy food at the shower!  I had already eaten before arriving but ended up having seconds of the amazing spinach quiche.  Oops!
These are two of my favorite women ever!  My cousin Molly and I have been besties since birth so we always get excited to see each other.
And the famous SIL came to town for the shower from Chicago!  So happy to see them!

I love catching up with my aunts and my mom's friends.  I am not just saying this, but my mom has the BEST friends ever!  They are so supportive, caring, friendly, hilarious, everything.  She is blessed!
There was a lot of loot like the last showers.  Holy presents!
So many sweet homemade gifts!  These little Vikings chaps cracked me up!!

My grandma and Aunt made amazing quilts - sooo much talent in our family!
My Aunt Peggy makes these incredible baskets - I was so excited!  

Here it is already in the nursery.  My cousin Molly said it looks like Noah's Ark. :)

Lots of cute little outfits!  One of my mom's flying friends got us this number.

So many generous gifts!

My SIL got this amazing basket for our changing station.  I am beyond excited to put this in the nursery!  She filled it with Hanna Andersson pajamas, Honest products, some of her favorite baby items, diapers, anything and everything!  Will post more close up pics of it soon!

As the shower was winding down, all the boys came over to say hi.

Jonathan and Nate were twins. :)

Love my daddy!

Tyler got his hands on some juice and wouldn't let go!

Afterwards we went to visit my Gram and Papa at the farm since they couldn't make it.  Tyler loved seeing the horses!

It was such an amazing weekend!  We feel so loved with all the support and excitement for Baby Bradley!

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  1. That bouncer was a lifesaver for us when H got big enough to use it! She loved it, and it entertained her for solid 15-20 minute stretches. I love the basket your aunt made for you too -- it's beautiful. We have collected baskets of all shapes and sizes and use them to corral baby toys and books throughout the house.