Friday, June 20, 2014

Nursery Changing Station

I had to share this little corner of Bradley's nursery that we are loving - our changing station!  I mean, even areas that you change dirty diaps need to be styled and cute, right?

Like I mentioned before, Nate and I knew that we didn't want to spend a ton on furniture, and my parents had a dresser at the lake of my grandparents that they were willing to part with.  Perfect!  This became our changing table.

Nate did such a good job making it cute!  First, he sanded the stained wood surface with 80-100 grit sandpaper.  He said this is important to ensure that the paint bonds with the wood.  Then he wiped off all the saw dust with a damp cloth, and primed the surface using a mini roller and brush.  He then used two coats of paint using a mini roller (brush for corners), and we have this beauty!!  We went with Valspar Swim for the color and love.  He even painted the pulls which I was against at first, but I have to admit it does look nice. :)

We instantly loved it once it was in the room!  So did Chim. :)  

Sidebar - Sprinkles seems to be doing better and better everyday!  She obviously won't (or at least shouldn't) be walking on her own for a long time, but she has definitely been showing signs that she should be able to get around on her own at some point!  So happy!  And wherever I am in the house, she is, so don't worry.  She loves this corner of the room, too. :)  Thanks again for all of your sweet comments and prayers!

Back to the room!  We found the Ubbi diaper pail we wanted on Craigslist so we were pumped!  We definitely have to save some money after Sprinkles surgery, and at least now we won't be afraid to get a brand new nursery item dirty.  :)  This sucker was disinfected and put in the room right away.  Bring on the smelly diapers!  Well, hopefully not TOO smelly. :)

Then this week we ordered our changing pad.  Thank you friends that gave us gift cards! :)  We went with the Nook Pebble Changepad after looking around for a while at options.  I think what sold it to us was that someone told us it is so cozy (and easily washable) that their kid will take naps on it (obvi not on the dresser)!  Ha!  Plus, it was in Tori Spelling's nursery (she had a custom color made) and she always has functional yet cute decor - my favorite!  

I posted a pic of this corner on my Instagram, and the next day Nook Sleep shared it on their Instagram, too!

At my shower this past weekend, my SIL got me the most amazing basket from Crate and Barrel overflowing with nursery items! 

She had asked if there was something not on our registry that we had on our list to get that she could pick up.  When I told her about this basket we wanted for our changing table (that is technically meant for fruit!) I didn't realize it was going to be FILLED to the brim!  She spoils us!  We will eventually just have changing station needs in it, but I can't get myself to take out all of her cute items so nicely displayed. :)

It all fits perfectly on the dresser!

Right when we came back from the shower in Iowa we had to put it all together.

I love that the changing station is cute, because it is the first thing you see when coming into the room.  Love!

The nursery is SO close to complete!  We need wall decor, maybe a mirror over the dresser, bedding, etc, but we are close.  Once everything is all set I will post the finished room, and that will be very soon!  

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