Monday, June 2, 2014

Ladies and Gentlemen...We Have Built Ins!

It was very exciting around our residence on Friday...built ins were installed!  If you have been checking in on this blog or my Instagram for any amount of time you probably know about my obsession with built ins so this is VERY exciting.  Plus, I feel so much better having these suckers here for baby Bradley's safety!  Now to get Nate on board for a fence...

But let's look at some before pics...I love these shelves and they did their job just fine for the past four years, I just would love them more elsewhere.  :)

Here they are shown with my usual holiday clutter.

When we moved the shelves the night before the install it already felt brighter and the ceilings felt taller.  Amazing!

I took the day off work while they were installed.  And of course ran downstairs for my usual sniper pics to send updates to Nate.

And phase one!  We love how you actually notice the ceilings are tall now!

We went with a white that matches our white trim in the house and it is incredible how much brighter it is in here.  Plus, the stone we selected is charcoal so that will (hopefully) be a nice contrast.

Phase two will be the stone on the fireplace/TV wall, but that was MUCH harder to decide on, so we were a little delayed with that part of the process.  We can't wait to see them totally complete!

We also started adding our stuff back in - now I am realizing we need to figure out how to style the shelves.  So more to come on that, too!  I love this room because it is where we spend the most time together, so it is definitely a room worth investing in.

Nate also patched up the wall where the old mantle had left marks.  Not necessary since the stone will go in eventually, but looks nice for the time being!  Good job my hard working Natey!

We have lived in this house four years this month!  We have done SO much to make our house a home and it is insane how the list just never ends.  I mean, pretty sure the list never ends because I create this never ending list, but like I tell Nate, decorating and creating a home is my passion and main hobby so to stop those creative juices from flowing would be torture!  I said it would be like if I told him he could never watch football again.  :)  So I am very grateful that even though I get a lot of eye rolls when I tell him ideas I have, many of them do come to fruition and he (almost) always likes the finished results. :)  Love my Natey!

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