Saturday, June 28, 2014

Lining Dresser Drawers

Since Nate did such an amazing job with the outside of the dresser, I decided I should attempt to make the inside just as cute!  This is one of the first DIY attempts for the nursery for me, and definitely one of the last!  I do like how the drawers turned out, however.

The little girls napped through this project.  They were not impressed with my lack of DIY abilities.

I picked up the supplies at JoAnn Fabrics and got some tips from the sweet lady working there.  I do think she over estimated my skills, but we will let that slide.  We purchased Modge Podge, fabric and sponge brushes.  My first step was cutting the fabric to size.  I just cut them a little over what the edge of the drawer would be, not measuring or worrying about perfection at all.  Chimi thought the fabric was a nice bed.

Then I slopped on some Modge Podge.  So far so good!

Here came the hard part.  The Modge Podge said to let dry for a little before adding the fabric, but then once I would lay the fabric on the MP it wasn't sticking enough.  I would paint my next layer of MP on the top of the fabric and it would slide the fabric all over the place.  Ugh!

I eventually worked my way through, and by the last one I got smart and put the fabric down right away on top of the slightly wet MP and then continued my top layer of MP.  Soooo much easier.

Nate offered to trim the edges with an X acto knife and I think he saved the day!  He made them look much nicer than when I was working on them.

Sidebar #1 - how cute is my diaper bag??  Dying to use!

We put some diapers and supplies we had on hand in the top drawers.  I'm sure this will be organization in progress since we don't know what we will be using and where makes the most sense to store until we use it.  I don't think either of us have ever even changed a diaper...that fun fact will be changing fast!

Sidebar #2 - one of my mom's best friends sent us the Mamaroo from our registry!  So amazingly generous!  We put it together the second it arrived and Chimi tested it out.  She loves it!  Check out the funny video of her riding it on my Instagram.  Fingers crossed Bradley loves it, too! :)

Perfect place for doggy baby naps.

My mom also picked up the newborn insert for us.  Matches the room so well!

So there you have it!  Moral of the story - buy shelf/drawer liners that are pre-sticky and then cut them.  No need to go through the Modge Podge pain that I did!  But I am pleased with the end result.

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Patriotic Front Door

This week I hung up one of my favorite deco mesh wreaths - my 4th of July wreath!     

Independence Day has always been a big holiday in my family and we always get together to celebrate.  Last year I made my parents a wreath for the lake, and this one for our house.

I always have good intentions of getting more decor for the inside of our house, but definitely need to work on it.  I have this mini garland for the built ins/mantle, and a firecracker in our front room.  Weak.

Oh well.  At least our front door is patriotic!

This wreath has been such a hit on Pinterest!  I knew it was fun but didn't realize it was THAT fun!  It was so easy to make, too!

I just posted this puppy on Instagram.  I love filters. :)

I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable holiday!

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Final Shower

After all the love at showers one, two and three, it is hard to believe we had another shower!  This shower was hosted by Nate's aunt and cousin with the ladies on that side of the family.

They had tons of yummy and healthy food and the cutest decor!

There were lots of fun games to play - I was terrible at them! :)

Amy requested to be cropped.  Boo!  Such a funny picture!

And more generous gifts!

We love all the cute jammies!  Thank you Jess and Sallie for hosting such a perfect shower!

I had to send my mom a picture of this one since she is a pilot. :)

Nate and I have been so overwhelmed with everyone's thoughtfulness and generosity!  We are so blessed to have SO many people excited for Baby Bradley!

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Monday, June 23, 2014

Bump Progress Part 3

Third trimester is in full effect!  I can't believe that we are now counting down the days until little Bradley is here!

Weeks 18-22 here
Weeks 23-27 here

28 weeks

29 weeks

30 weeks

31 weeks (we missed this one being in Iowa and forgot!)

32 weeks

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Friday, June 20, 2014

Nursery Changing Station

I had to share this little corner of Bradley's nursery that we are loving - our changing station!  I mean, even areas that you change dirty diaps need to be styled and cute, right?

Like I mentioned before, Nate and I knew that we didn't want to spend a ton on furniture, and my parents had a dresser at the lake of my grandparents that they were willing to part with.  Perfect!  This became our changing table.

Nate did such a good job making it cute!  First, he sanded the stained wood surface with 80-100 grit sandpaper.  He said this is important to ensure that the paint bonds with the wood.  Then he wiped off all the saw dust with a damp cloth, and primed the surface using a mini roller and brush.  He then used two coats of paint using a mini roller (brush for corners), and we have this beauty!!  We went with Valspar Swim for the color and love.  He even painted the pulls which I was against at first, but I have to admit it does look nice. :)

We instantly loved it once it was in the room!  So did Chim. :)  

Sidebar - Sprinkles seems to be doing better and better everyday!  She obviously won't (or at least shouldn't) be walking on her own for a long time, but she has definitely been showing signs that she should be able to get around on her own at some point!  So happy!  And wherever I am in the house, she is, so don't worry.  She loves this corner of the room, too. :)  Thanks again for all of your sweet comments and prayers!

Back to the room!  We found the Ubbi diaper pail we wanted on Craigslist so we were pumped!  We definitely have to save some money after Sprinkles surgery, and at least now we won't be afraid to get a brand new nursery item dirty.  :)  This sucker was disinfected and put in the room right away.  Bring on the smelly diapers!  Well, hopefully not TOO smelly. :)

Then this week we ordered our changing pad.  Thank you friends that gave us gift cards! :)  We went with the Nook Pebble Changepad after looking around for a while at options.  I think what sold it to us was that someone told us it is so cozy (and easily washable) that their kid will take naps on it (obvi not on the dresser)!  Ha!  Plus, it was in Tori Spelling's nursery (she had a custom color made) and she always has functional yet cute decor - my favorite!  

I posted a pic of this corner on my Instagram, and the next day Nook Sleep shared it on their Instagram, too!

At my shower this past weekend, my SIL got me the most amazing basket from Crate and Barrel overflowing with nursery items! 

She had asked if there was something not on our registry that we had on our list to get that she could pick up.  When I told her about this basket we wanted for our changing table (that is technically meant for fruit!) I didn't realize it was going to be FILLED to the brim!  She spoils us!  We will eventually just have changing station needs in it, but I can't get myself to take out all of her cute items so nicely displayed. :)

It all fits perfectly on the dresser!

Right when we came back from the shower in Iowa we had to put it all together.

I love that the changing station is cute, because it is the first thing you see when coming into the room.  Love!

The nursery is SO close to complete!  We need wall decor, maybe a mirror over the dresser, bedding, etc, but we are close.  Once everything is all set I will post the finished room, and that will be very soon!  

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