Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Showers Have Begun!

Today was my first shower!  Cannot believe they are already here!

This shower was hosted by two of my longest (wanted to write oldest but that seemed wrong) friends - Lindsey and Ellen!  Ellen and I have been friends since toddlers and is probably my longest non related friend!  Lindsey and I became good friends in junior high when she liked my Gap Kids sweater and I liked her Keroppi calculator. :)

Random picture but how amazing is Lindsey's kitchen?!?!

Our group of friends has been inseparable since high school and we have all remained close!  Our friend Ashley couldn't make it as she lives in Chicago, and our friend Ann lives in California, but we had five of the seven!  

Lindsey and I are one week apart (her third!) so we had to get a bump shot!

 With my amazing mommy!

Kristin and her amazing mommy!

 They had a guess the celebrity baby photo game - don't worry, I aced it.

 And so many generous gifts!

Nate and I call each other Boss, so this was epic.  Thanks Ashley!!

Then we tried out the camera timer.  Not ready...


The moms at the shower!  I love how amazing our group of moms are, too!

I also forced them all into photo shoots.  I feel like I never get enough pictures at events anymore and was not about to let that happen!  Lindsey was up first.  We like taking weirdly posed photos. :)

Like I mentioned earlier, Ellen and I have been friends since our moms bumped into each other at the grocery store and they looked down and Ellen and I were gabbing in baby talk to each other on the bottom of the grocery carts.  Meant to be!

Lindsey and I have danced together since we were in early elementary so of course we had to take a dance pose!  Go Betty Hill!

Kristin and I are just awkward, so we had to do the prom pose.  We have always had this much of a height difference between us but that never stopped our friendship! :)

Nailed it!

This is better. :)

I'm so thankful for such long lasting friendships with these amazing women!  We are so blessed to have each other as friends!

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  1. Love the photos. Where is your dress from?! I'm pregnant as well and love the dresses that hug my bump rather than just hang there like a tent!

    1. Thanks so much! I love them to cling so then wind doesn't expose! Ha! I ordered this one through a Gilt sale and just checked and it is still there!