Monday, May 12, 2014

Nursery Progress

We have had SO much nursery progress since Nate completed the closet and our initial thoughts on the nursery.  My idea board hanging on the entrance to the room is starting to come to life!  But let's start from the top.

After the closet, our next item was the light fixture.  We ended up going with the Atom chandelier from Land of Nod.  We looked at so many different styles but they were all too long and our tall selves wouldn't be able to walk under.  This one is perfect and still gives the whimsical effect I was hoping for.

Another project is the dresser!  We tested out the color we were initially thinking, (Valspar Swim) and thought it was fun!  We wanted to make sure it matched other accents in the room, so we held off for a while and will finish painting hopefully soon.

Then my favorite part - the walls were painted!  You probably already saw my picture on Instagram, I was too excited to wait and blog about it. :)  We went with Behr Pewter Mug and I couldn't love it more!  Nate found a great stencil online to get the polka dot effect on two accent walls.  We LOVE!

(Not Nate - our favorite painter Chris!)

The same day the walls were being painted, our crib was delivered so it was a big nursery day!  This was one of the gifts from my parents to us and Bradley.  So special!

When we started looking at nursery ideas before we knew the sex of the baby, we kind of honed in around grey with white polka dots on two walls, and aqua and orange accents all around, regardless of the gender.  Polka dots just make me think baby, cute, and whimsical, so I love it for either!

I'm excited my bump weekly progress pics are now on a cute wall!  

Another angle where you can see the two polka dot walls.  Once the dresser is painted, it will go on the left side polka dot wall.  

Looks adorable from the hallway!

Next was Nate's priority - a giant giraffe.  He cracks me up!  I feel like I learn something new about him everyday. :)

We decided to do no rug in the nursery.  I do love the Rugs USA rug but Nate said they were horrific with their customer service and doesn't want to give them business.  We had to pay for our return (even though we thought the stitching wasn't great quality on the rug) almost a month ago and we STILL haven't received our refund.  Come on, people!  Customer service should be top priority!  Since we have carpet, a rug wasn't necessary, more of a cute accent.  But we will work on other accents!

Next up, curtains!  We ordered one panel from Z Gallerie to make sure we liked the color and pattern in the nursery.  Here is Nate holding it up for me. :)

We decided they will be great!  They match the paint we chose for the dresser perfectly.  We also might use this drum stool as a little side table next to our to be purchased glider in the nook.  They are all the exact shade of aqua!

Another favorite nursery to-do that we checked off the list this weekend was bookshelves!  Ever since our neighborhood ladies night I have been dying to get these up.  We knew we wanted to do the Ikea shelves, the hard part was figuring out when to get to Ikea!  

We love them so much we might get more for the other side of the nook.  Too cute!

Right after the shelves went up, Nate hung our one curtain so we could see it on the wall.  Poor guy is staying busy!  We love it! Now to save money to buy the other three panels...

We also hung up the dog canvas we have been hanging onto and patiently (or not) waiting to get up.  So fun!  Love that the room is starting to get some color!

The closet is also filling up!  Nate's work surprised him with a baby shower last week.  So sweet!

Chimi loves the room. :)

It feels so good to get this far and have a huge part of the nursery complete!  Obviously we still have to figure out all decor, glider, bedding, and lots of other things, but this much finished makes me relieved!

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  1. Very cute! My daughter saw that giraffe at Choo Choo Bob's and it almost had to come home with us, she loved it so much.

    1. You need it! It is so funny how giant it is!

  2. This might be weird since I don't know you in real life but I saw this outfit and the combination of chevron and crabs made me think of your blog!|1400073448368

    1. OMG! Love it!!! Hahaha!! All he needs in his wardrobe is chevron and crabs!! :)