Thursday, May 8, 2014

Favorite Makeup Brushes

My makeup vanity got another upgrade recently - a new vanity chair from Natey for my birthday present!  So happy!  It looks so good with the new vanity lights and I love how it ties in with our tufted bed.  Much prettier and comfier!

Having a good setup makes getting ready in the morning that much more fun, and one of my biggest obsessions with getting ready (there are many, I know) is makeup brushes!  I'm always on the hunt for great new brushes as much as I am with products.  Whenever I see my SIL, I make her play makeup with me and see if she has any new favorite items, and usually we zero in around brushes.

I would say the only thing I don't use a brush for is my Nyx Eye Primer.  I have used brushes, but have found fingers work better with that product.

But on to some of my current favorites!

Foundation - Real Techniques Stippling Brush
I love how soft (and inexpensive!) this brush is on my face.  I still have been loyally using my Revlon foundation (thanks Amber!) and this brush works so well with it.  I lost one recently, and I love how cheap they are to just run out to Ulta and buy a new one!

I swear I clean this brush weekly - it just gets instantly brown from using foundation daily!

Powder - Sigma F80 Flat Kabuki
I have been using this brush for years after being introduced to Sigma by a friend who works there.  They advertise this brush to use with liquids or creams, but I use for my pressed powders!  I usually use my Revlon powder but sometimes use Laura Geller or MAC.  Works great with all!

Bronzer - Bobbi Brown Bronzer Brush
This brush is pricey, but damn it's good.  I have had it for years and it is such high quality - it doesn't shed, doesn't break, is just a great brush.

Blush - Bobbi Brown Blush Brush, Sigma F40 Large Angled Contour
I switch around with my blush brushes.  Sometimes I want to use the Bobbi Brown brush for a good blushing, and sometimes I want to be a little more precise so I use the Sigma brush.  Both are awesome and good to have in your collection!

Shadows - Sigma E50 Large Fluff, Jane Iredale Crease Brush
The Sigma large fluff is my absolute favorite blush for a quick all over of the eyelid in a neutral color.  Ain't no one got time to use a small brush for that!  The Jane Iredale brush I have had for about 8 years!  It just works so perfectly in the crease.  Mine does not look like the one they sell now, but I'm guessing that is just the new and improved version.

Eyeliner - Bobbi Brown Ultra Fine Eyeliner Brush
Since I use the Bobbi Brown eyeliner, this brush works well because it was made for that!  It isn't super pricey, but also isn't cheap so when I lost this brush it hurt a little to go buy another.  Ugh.  So worth it though!

There are lots of other makeup brushes that I use and really like, but these are the ones I love!

Any makeup brushes that I shouldn't be living without?

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  1. Is that a bobbi brown quad of shadows? What shades do you have? I am looking for recommendations.

    1. It is! I have Bone, Champagne Quartz, Cocoa and Sable. I use Bone and Sable pretty much everyday! I also have a random Nars Lola Lola that I like for the crease. It is a good everyday color, too.

  2. Laura, I LOVE your bedroom paint color so much!! Your style is SO cute! Do you know the name of the paint and the brand?

    Thanks and good luck with your pregnancy!
    Farrah Q

    1. Yes! It is Kimono by Sherwin Williams! We love!!

  3. where, where, where did you get that chair from? it's adorable!