Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Week In Pictures

Recent happenings through the eyes of my phone camera.

I had been wanting to try the Sakebalm for a while and ordered!  They sent the cutest free samples with!

Work training...

This tongue just kills me!

New art in the stairwell!  Now just need a new fixture there.

Squeezing in the bed.

I have been dressing for Spring!

I like to call this my magician look. :)

I have about 3 pairs of pants I can still wear and these are one of them!  Eek!

Chimi and Sprinkles had a playdate with their friend Gretchen!

Gretchen wore them out! :)

Finally added some pics to my magnet board!  Love!

My grocery cart almost every time I shop looks like this - fruit smorgasbord and croissants. :)

Last week we had our 20 week ultrasound...I dressed very gender neutral to not sway the tech! :)

Sprinkles is back to her favorite morning nap spot - Nate's dirty clothes basket in the closet!

Bday present from my parents!  Bring me to the lake now!

Mail has been fun recently with nursery deliveries!

Beach Boys concert with my parents!  So much fun!

We got to sit on stage!  Best seats in the house!

Blurry but fun. :)

Chimi has been stealing my bump nest (so has Nate)!

Fun birthday lunch with coworkers!

Delicious birthday dinner with Natey!  Ribeyes with Pioneer Woman Blue Cheese Sauce (to die for!!) and Cocoa and Fig cupcakes!  He also got us the guacamole bowl from Rosa Mexicano, one of our favorites!

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  1. Great photos and the gift from your parents....Wow amazing.

    X x