Sunday, April 13, 2014

Easter Decor

Spring has sprung at our house!  Easter and Spring are always so fun to decorate for, because it usually means we are close to warmer weather!  Come on in!

My Easter/Spring deco mesh wreath lasted another year in the basement so it is on our door.  It looked really funny last week covered in snow!

I added my bunny and little chicks to our sideboard.

I swear I had these chicks when I was little.  They are nostalgic for some reason!

I added some eggs to our bowl of balls.

I never know where to hang this sign, so it goes on our coat closet door handle.  Whatever, works for now.

Fun Spring pennant with random rejected stone samples on our fireplace...

Moved the rejects.  They were bugging me.  Chimi is much happier now, too.

Isn't this pennant cute?  I found it for like $7 on GroopDealz!

Sidebar - we haven't figured out our stone, but our built ins are being built!  YESSSSS!!  This room will look very different later this Spring!

We are all set for Easter!  Have you done any Easter decorating?

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  1. I love your Easter decor, it's simple but very pretty.