Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Week In Pictures

Trying out lots of different belly creams.  Hoping one works!

Sometimes you just need a little black iced tea in your life.

Loving all things Spring, including polish colors!

Sprinkles found a good spot to tuck herself in. :)

We received a special delivery from my bro, SIL and nephews in Chicago!  Bradley has his own sweatshirt to match his cousins now!

Finally read a pregnancy book!  It is probably the least educational, but at least I read one.

We get breakfast every Friday at work...it can be dangerous!

Hosted a shower for one of my girlfriends!  Somehow she looks so innocent in her bonnet with all the booze! :)

She brought non-alcoholic champagne and cute booties for Bradley!!

Our littlest girl turned 4 last week!  Happy birthday Chim Chim!

Our neighborhood ladies night had a book shower for the new moms in the neighborhood!  So sweet!

Loving our new doormat!

My lil creeper.

My new addiction!  Hoping this sticks so I drink these instead of my beloved Diet Sunkist Lemonades, which are full of aspartame!

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Friday, April 25, 2014

Bump Progress

Around 18 weeks we realized we hadn't been taking any bump progress pics!  I mean, from feeling like crap to not really having a bump, I guess it is OK I missed those first few months.  But then we got serious and started taking!  Here is progress the last five weeks.

18 weeks

19 weeks

20 weeks

21 weeks

22 weeks

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Friday, April 18, 2014

Nursery Closet Reveal!

We have been feverishly trying to figure out all things nursery!  Our first step - we Nate DID paint the closet orange like we were thinking!  So fun!  We were totally inspired by (and I single white femaled) the exact color that was used in How Joyful's nursery closet.  Since we are planning on sticking with aqua, orange and grey, this was our perfect pop of orange!

Let's remember the closet before...


And after!

You have probably seen this puppy posted on Instagram.

Then last weekend Nate put the closet together!  I really wanted corner shelving or some sort of corner unit in here.  The closet is good sized, but with regular racks you lose so much closet space that is unused in the corner.  Enter the Ikea Pax corner unit!  Hooray!  Nate left out some of the crappy/pointless back panels so you could see the orange through and we LOVE!  

He also ran to Menard's and picked up some of their brackets/poles/wood to put on each side for hanging items.  Works perfectly!

I'm so excited for Bradley to have this fun closet for his belongings!  So cute!  He already owns some items after being spoiled by Grandma!

I told Nate the closet super exceeded my expectations.  The color is perfect and makes it so much easier to see, the racks and corner unit are just right, everything!  Good job future Dad!

Such a fun pop of color for the room!

This is a big weekend for the nursery - the room is getting painted and our crib is getting delivered!  OMG!  Things are getting real!

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Easter Decor

Spring has sprung at our house!  Easter and Spring are always so fun to decorate for, because it usually means we are close to warmer weather!  Come on in!

My Easter/Spring deco mesh wreath lasted another year in the basement so it is on our door.  It looked really funny last week covered in snow!

I added my bunny and little chicks to our sideboard.

I swear I had these chicks when I was little.  They are nostalgic for some reason!

I added some eggs to our bowl of balls.

I never know where to hang this sign, so it goes on our coat closet door handle.  Whatever, works for now.

Fun Spring pennant with random rejected stone samples on our fireplace...

Moved the rejects.  They were bugging me.  Chimi is much happier now, too.

Isn't this pennant cute?  I found it for like $7 on GroopDealz!

Sidebar - we haven't figured out our stone, but our built ins are being built!  YESSSSS!!  This room will look very different later this Spring!

We are all set for Easter!  Have you done any Easter decorating?

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