Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Tallest Baby Alive is Coming!

Well, folks.  The word is out.  The Reeds are expanding!

When I found out (early December), I told Nate by making him open an early Christmas present (which he fought to open, BTW).  We weren't sure what to get for our annual ornament so this worked out well!  

We told my parents right after Christmas with their own ornament, too!  My mom hand knits stockings (with the help of my crazy talented Aunt) for each new family member in our immediate family and they are so special!  The tradition was started by my great grandma and our entire extended family has kept this tradition alive.  Hence the ornament with their current grandkid's names, and one blank stocking!

(PS - wish I captured my mom's reaction on video.  It was even better than expected.  Just picture someone first looking so shocked they were going to pass out, then screaming, then jumping up and down and losing their mind, in a good way). :)

When we were ready to announce on social media, we got the jersey back from my bro and SIL that we got for Tyler when he was a baby.  I don't think they will miss it - pretty sure they are more Bears fans.  Look at little Ty!

Then we recruited the professional - Lindsey!  We ran over to her house (she lives about a mile away now!  Best thing ever!) and she snapped a couple pics in the chilly snow.  Done!

Posted this one on Instagram:

Professional pictures taken by Lindsey Koch Photography 

All of our friends and family joke that this will be the world's most giant baby because I am just shy of 6' and Nate is 6'7".  Hopefully the baby is average sized for my sake!

We will take any and all advice!  We might be puppy experts but we are baby newbies.  We are 18 weeks today, and we know the time is going to fly, but we couldn't be more excited!

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  1. Grandma and Grandpa are so excited!!

  2. This is such exciting news!!! I've been following your blog, ever since Kristin posted your blog link, probably when she was pregnant with L. Awww, this is so great. Very happy for you and Nathan.

    1. Thank you so much!! How cute is Lincoln?!?!? I am so lucky to have expert moms like Kristin to guide me!! :)

  3. Congratulations! I am due with my second about a week before you, and you are putting me to shame with how fabulous you look (to be fair, this second one popped out a lot faster than the first did, holy crap was it hard to hide). With how much you love your dogs as babies, you will be great parents to this little one.

    My one piece of advice is to not trust ultrasounds that guestimate the baby's weight too much and get freaked out. They kept telling me what a large baby I was having...he was 7lbs 9oz. And I'm not the first person I've heard this happened to.

    Also, small world, I think you know my friend Lindsay D. who is a dance coach at EPHS and I went to the U of M with!

    1. I have heard that the second pops almost instantly!! I wish I had more of a bump - makes me go, are you sure?? Ha! Thank you so much for the advice!! And yes - super small world!! Especially the dance world - that is the smallest! Love it!