Sunday, March 23, 2014

Nursery Planning Has Begun!

Now that things are getting a little more real, I have been super obsessed with nursery planning!  So far we have some ideas, but making them come to life has been the struggle.  And I am semi starting to show a little so we need to get cracking!  21 weeks will fly by!

The room we are using for the nursery is currently the least used room in our house, so I am excited for it to be cute and over used! :)  We had a guest bed, TV, desk, and Nate irons in here.  That is about all it offered!  

As you can see on the walls, we like grey so we can go crazier with the accent piece colors.  Here we go again with paint samples!

At this point we are leaning towards aqua and orange accents, and if a girl, adding in magenta. I'm sure once we start finding things everything will change!  One thing we know, we will have this canvas in here (purchased from Swag).  I have had it for years and we love it for the nursery!  Whether we have a boy or girl, they will need to be a dog lover.  So excited to have this as a focal point in here!

Our first to-do was to sell the bed so we could get in the room and start creating!  Nate did get it sold on Craigslist this weekend so I am glad to have the empty space now, and our first purchase had arrived - a rug!  Bad news - the rug is smaller than I was hoping (and Nate doesn't love the quality of it).  I am planning on exchanging for a bigger size because for the price, I feel like the quality is just fine and I do really like the color and look.  TBD on this...

View from the closet; posted this sadness on Instagram.

Chimi likes it!

I also know I want to paint a dresser a fun color for the nursery, and my parents have an old dresser at the lake they are getting rid of.  Perfect!  Can't wait to see the after!

Also toying with the idea of a hot orange we dare?? :)

 So that is where we are at - I know it isn't very far but have to start somewhere!

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  1. That dog painting is so adorable! I have a dog print in my room, too, that I know will be perfect for a future nursery! :) Loving the progress - can't wait to see the future finished product!

    1. Yay for doggy prints!! Hope to have more to post soon! :)